Trump Campaign Issues At-Large Delegate & Alternate Endorsements

In a letter from Nicholas Trainer, the Trump Campaign’s Director, Delegates & Party Organization, the campaign issued endorsements for Maryland’s At-Large Delegate and Alternates to the 2020 Republican National Convention.
In the letter, Trainer said:
“As you prepare for the Maryland Republican Party’s virtual State Convention, I would like to take this opportunity to announce the following names as the official Donald J. Trump for President slate and humbly ask the voting members to cast their vote in support of their candidacies to attend the Republican National Convention. “

Trainer described the endorsed candidates as ” patriots”  who “have been outspoken supporters of President Donald J. Trump, and we have no doubt they will represent the President and the state of Maryland with integrity and honor as delegates and alternate delegates to the Republican National Convention.”


 Gary Collins
Amoretta Hoeber
JB Jennings
Dean Nelson
Patrick O’Keefe
Edith Rumford
Maria Sofia
Jay Sterne
Kathy Szeliga
Christopher Tomlinson
Josephine Wang
Lauren Arikan
Stephen Barrett
Virginia Bigelow
Robin Bissett
Brian Chisholm
Michael Higgs
Denise Lovelady
Dwight Patel
Daniel “Ike” Puzon
Loretta Spinuzza
Gail Weiss

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