Failed Candidate Charles Lollar is Running for Congress

Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Charles Lollar has resurfaced as a candidate for Congress.

Red Maryland reported extensively about Lollar’s disastrous 2014 run for governor.

This website indicates that Lollar is running for Congress in the 13th District of Georgia, running as an independent.

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Lollar made history in 2014 as the first candidate to ever lose two separate races in one year, finishing a distant 3rd in the race for Governor in the primary, and finishing a distant 2nd as a Republican nominee for Charles County Commissioner.

Lollar abandoned his residence in Maryland shortly after losing both elections in 2015, according to one of Lollar’s two linked in profiles.

Lollar, oddly, has a second linked in profile from his time as the Republican nominee for Congress in Maryland’s 5th District.

Lollar’s website and the videos on them are very sparse in nature, but there are a few interesting things:

  • Lollar never mentions having ever lived in Maryland;
  • Lollar never mentions ever having run for office before, much less that he ran for three offices in another state.
  • Lollar mentions that he was a “Republican Party Chairman”, but never indicates where
  • Lollar, in one video, appears to have abandoned his conservative principles and is now running on social justice.

 Take a look at Lollar’s introductory videos here.

Lollar, who was the winner of the award in 2014 for Least Valuable Conservative and is a nominee for Least Valuable Conservative of the Red Maryland era,  appears to be making a 4th doomed run for political office. It’s sad, though unsurprising, however, that after abandoning Maryland he decided to abandon whatever conservative principles he claimed to have too.

Lollar faces a July deadline to qualify as a candidate. I will be keeping an eye on Lollar’s race in the months to come.

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