Kimberly Klacik’s campaign for Congress somehow managed to hit a new low today.

In her response to a Baltimore Sun tweet announcing their endorsement in the Baltimore Democratic Mayoral Primary, she tweeted out this gem:

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This is a real tweet that I would not have believed with my own eyes. Casting aside the First Amendment to ponder outlet whether or not it is legal to “influence voters” through a newspaper endorsement. You know, a practice that is not only legal, not only constitutional but is a practice that predates the ratification of the Constitution itself.

It’s bad enough that Klacik has spent the majority of her campaign engaging in non-campaign activities such as using her social media accounts to interview other candidates in other districts in other states. It’s bad enough that she has spent the last several weeks complaining on Twitter to anybody who will listen about the Maryland Republican Party for all sorts of real and imagined offenses. It’s bad enough that she actively rejected the help of at least a few Republican auxiliary groups who were willing to help her campaign in the special election back in April. But this? This absolutely takes the cake.

This is weapons-grade stupidity and ignorance from Kimberly Klacik and shows that she is unfit for public office.

There are several candidates running for Congress in the 7th Congressional district. Many of them are flawed in one way or another. But not one of them has shown this complete disregard for the Constitution. None of those candidates have shown such a complete and totally ignorance about constitutional philosophy or conservative governance as this. This is beyond the pale and is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen a candidate say in all the time we have been doing Red Maryland.

I would suggest you consider voting for one of the other candidates on the list. Because after this stunt, it would be embarrassing to the Maryland Republican Party to have Kimberly Klacik win the June 2nd primary again.

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