Red Maryland Endorsements: Anne Arundel County Board of Education

As we head toward the June 2nd primary election there are very few elections of interest for Republican voters. With only one contested primary occurring in a competitive Congressional District, the most important elections to consider in this primary are at Board of Education races.

Today we make two endorsements in Board of Education races in Anne Arundel County.

One of the reasons that this is so important is because of the never-ending struggle between the Board of Education and County Government. The School Board relies on county government to fund county schools, meaning that the Board Members are totally dependent on the County Executive and the County Council to provide funding.

Unfortunately, all too often Board of Education members take positions that are adversarial to county government and more important adversarial to county taxpayers. Board members have prioritized spending growth over meaningful change to the administrative structure of the system, the curriculum being taught in schools, or the physical plant of the schools themselves. Far too often, the Boards rely on Democratic talking points and succumb to pressure from union activists.

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It is imperative that Anne Arundel County voters elect Board of Education members who are dedicated to both improving schools and spending responsibly. It’s important to put children first and to pay teachers a respectable wage, but not to follow the Democratic and Union playbook of spending to excess and demanding more and more taxpayer dollars.

It won’t surprise you to learn that based on the responses to our Red Maryland Candidate Surveys that many of the candidates running in Anne Arundel County are either teacher’s union activists or are fully committed to the unaffordable Kirwan Commission recommendations. At a time where public education is changing more quickly than ever, electing somebody who is just another teacher’s union apparatchik who will support the union’s failed status quo will not be beneficial to students or teachers. Combine that with candidates who are supportive of the unaffordable and untenable Kirwan Commission recommendations at a time of a state and county budgetary crisis and the majority of candidates are out of touch with the needs of Anne Arundel County Schools.

(And that doesn’t take into account one candidate, who trades on the name a children’s television show host, whose platform is solely focused on bullying and social media use).

To that end, Red Maryland endorses Corine Frank for Board of Education in the 3rd District and Scott Shaffer for Board of Education in the 6th District. Both Frank and Shaffer are committed to common-sense solutions, fiscal responsibility, and putting the interests of children and taxpayers over the interests of teacher’s unions. We enthusiastically encourage you to support both candidates.

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