Peter Franchot Never Liked You

We’ve been chronicling the faux conservatism and true left-wing nature of Comptroller Peter Franchot for years. And there has been no better time to illustrate that than the last 24 hours.

Yesterday it was revealed that Franchot’s Chief of Staff, Len Foxwell, made very off-color remarks about Trump supporters:

Maryland Republican Party Chairman Dirk Haire sent a letter yesterday to Franchot demanding Foxwell’s resignation:

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“I hope you agree with me that Mr. Foxwell’s statements suggesting the genocide of President Trump’s supporters are extraordinarily inappropriate and representative of a base and destructive mindset. A review of Mr. Foxwell’s Facebook page shows many similar posts by Mr. Foxwell.”

I won’t go so far as to say that Foxwell was calling for a genocide of Trump supporters and those hoping to “re-open Maryland.” But it does paint a picture that is not all too flattering of Foxwell, of Franchot, or their apologists.

Foxwell’s remarks show a persistent and always present smug elitism about them. A smug elitism that he is better than others, that liberals are better than conservatives, that he is better than any Trump voter, and that Democrats are better than Republicans every single time. Foxwell assumes the worst in people that he disagrees with. He assumes that anybody who disagrees with his warped, left-wing view of politics and the world is some sort of troglodyte, some sort of less than, some sort of undesirable, or some sort of….deplorable. Even when Foxwell joins his boss in their attacks against “The Annapolis Machine” (hilarious since both Foxwell and Franchot are themselves long-time members of the “Annapolis Machine”) it shows a smug sense of superiority.

Foxwell’s reach extends beyond Franchot’s office, however. Foxwell is a Board Member of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, where he no doubt looks down on people who don’t wear boat shoes and lobster bowties from Vineyard Vines. He is also a Board Member at the Salisbury University Institute for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement, where they hopefully don’t let Foxwell teach civility. Foxwell also frequently is a guest on a little-listened to podcast hosted by a faux “journalist” who spends most of his time kissing up to Franchot and Foxwell in hopes of landing an actual job.

Wonder what any of them have to say about Foxwell’s smug, elitist attitude.

What really irks me however goes back to the 2018 election. So many Republicans, so many conservatives, gave Franchot a free pass. Heck, most Republicans tacitly if not outright endorsed Franchot for re-election. What do they think about this now? How do they judge their decision two years later after it comes out that in reality Franchot and Foxwell hate them? Why should they support the outfits and organizations that Franchot and Foxwell support? Why should any of them speak with or appear on a show with a “journalist” who is always ready to pucker up, bend then knee and give these two significant airtime and nearly worshipful coverage?

And by the way: you can’t tell me Franchot doesn’t support Foxwell’s nonsense. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have put out a statement of 100% support of Foxwell and what he said. It basically reads as a Franchot endorsement of Foxwell’s elitist worldview.

The bottom line is this:  Peter Franchot and his liege, Len Foxwell, don’t like you. They have never liked you. They have never respected you. They have never wanted to have anything to do with you. All they really want is your vote to give them the power to rule you. They want to govern your life because they don’t think you can do it yourself. That’s the key take away from all of this. They want your vote but they’ve never liked you. And they never will.

EDIT, 4/20/20: Foxwell resigned from the board of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum today.

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