Central Committee Poll: Trump Has High Approval Ratings; Ambrose Leads Waterman in National Committee Race

Nicolee Ambrose leads Diana Waterman in the race for National Committeewoman in a poll conducted by Red Maryland.

The poll was conducted by email from 5 PM April 14th through 5 PM April 17th. Each of the 275 Republican Central Committee Member in Maryland received an email directing them to the poll. The poll was culled of duplicate votes as well as any votes submitted by individuals who were not members of the Central Committee.

76 members of the Central Committee participated, meaning there was a 27.6% response rate for all Central Committee members.

The poll was not adjusted for weighted county voting. When the State Republican Central Committee votes, the votes are given a weight based on the county that the member is participating from. For example, a Central Committee member in Anne Arundel County has a greater voice than all of Caroline County. While the poll does represent the percentages of certain members, it is not adjusted for these weights; were the election held today, the vote would not necessarily be reflected as it is in this poll.

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Other key takeaways:

  • Donald Trump has a 96.1% favorable rating among Central Committee members;
  • Larry Hogan has a 45,3% favorable rating among Central Committee members, and a 21.3% unfavorable rating
  • In a hypothetical poll for the 2022 Republican Primary for Governor, Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford leads with the support of 32.9% of Central Committee members.

The full results are below.

Do you find the following Republicans favorable or unfavorable?

If the 2022 Republican Primary for Governor were held today, for whom would you vote?

Boyd Rutherford 32.9%
Kelly Schulz 19.7%
Michael Steele 6.6%
Robin Ficker 2.6%
Barry Glassman 2.6%
Brian Vaeth 1.3%
Undecided 30.3%
Other 3.9%

If the election were held today, would you vote to re-elect David Bossie as Republican National Committeeman?

Yes 65.8%
No 15.8%
Undecided 18.4%

If the election were held today, for whom would you vote for Republican National Committeewoman?

Nicolee Ambrose 53.9%
Diana Waterman 28.9%
Undecided 17.1%

What is the biggest issue facing the Maryland Republican Party?

  • Fair share of legislative power in the state.
  • Economic recovery
  • Extremist, all or nothing view of to many number of party members.
  • We need to make a more targeted effort to win seats in municipal elections. It’s the most feasible way to build a solid Republican bench for higher offices, especially the legislature.
  • Guts
  • Trump’s domination of the party has forced the party to abandon its principles.
  • Getting Republicans elected.
  • Recruiting members and voters.
  • Unity
  • RINOs must go!
  • The unwillingness to call out the Democrats and their intent to destroy America.
  • Gov Hogan
  • Recruitment of good candidates for local races.
  • Internal corruption.
  • Numbers
    There has been a wave of newly registered younger voters who we need to fight for. A big chunk of them are registering as unaffiliated and can be persuaded to vote Republican. In Frederick County, the Democrats now have a registration advantage because of these younger voters. They are engaging them and we are not.
  • The assumption that Maryland will always be a “blue” state
  • Fundraising
  • Recruitment / voter registration trouble
  • Votig at the polls with the Covid-19 situation. Mail in ballots not safe.
  • Far right wing factions splitting the party unnecessarily to advance their own agendas
  • Unity
  • Apathy and fake news which is believed by hte younger voters.
  • Our Governor over reaching power for mail in voting
  • Taxes
  • Republicans in the GA and county councils who waver on tough issues and vote against Republican principles.
  • The Nasty Spiteful Nature of Democrats.
  • Fixing Baltimore
  • Ignorance
  • Need to increase Republican representation in State House of Delegates and State Senate.
  • Fundraising
  • Electing a Republican House of Representatives in November of 2020
  • Fifth Column RINO Deep State operatives working with Democrats to undermine Liberty and Freedom, and making America just another state in a one world government run by cartels, criminals, and corporations.
  • National issues infiltrating local politics
  • Mont. County!
  • Republicans in name only, aka RINOS
  • Overcoming the supermajorities in the General Assembly to stop Democratic policies.
  • Baltimore
  • Electing Republicans to State and National Offices
  • Fundraising and ability to fund an effective MD GOP staff.
  • Disrespect for Governor Larry Hogan. The party threatened him when there was the possibility of his running for president. I heard the threats of no support of our governor in time or money, telling him that he was wasting both if he decided to run for president. This was a decision of the shakers and movers, not individual Republicans. The party should be ashamed.
  • Democrat registration numbers statewide
  • Getting all Republicans out to vote and getting minorities to listen to what Republicans have to say and offer before they vote.
  • Messaging
  • Blind ignorance.
  • We need to help drain the swamp (get rid of the Obama holdovers etc.) and report any FAKE news. in Maryland and the Capital.
  • More training is needed!
  • Finding it conservative voice
  • 2022 Gubernatorial race and preparing for all 2022 races.
  • Lack of a good community or precinct connection.
  • Maintaining positive momentum/financials in a 2:1 blue state to ensure Republican candidates are viable in the 2022 gubernatorial. This includes down-ticket races, such as state delegate. Overcoming the veto-proof majorities in the General Assembly is as important as having a
  • Republican in Government House.
  • Control of house and senate
  • Democrats running as conservative Republicans
  • In fighting.
  • The media and how they report things
  • The perception of Trump with the voters near DC
  • no opinion
  • Finding a moderate conservative message that will resonate in both the suburban and rural areas.
  • Lack of principles
  • increasing the number of young people and minorities into our party
  • Not enough Republicans!!
  • The Republican party needs to be strategic in whoever they replace Hogan with.
  • Lack of participation in the urban communities
  • The back stabbers with in the party ,, internal deception
  • The Republicans need to fight and stay together like the Democrats do no matter what
  • How to reach people and show the good things that we do, based on our values
    getting the message out more effectively. We are right on most issues.
  • There seem to be factions growing
  • Infiltration. Trust is the capital that a political movement depends upon. When Republican politicians only play conservative when the party is out of power, and then turn their backs on their constituents once they’re in power (Mitt Romney, John McCain, Alan McCarthy, and now Governor Larry Hogan) and dine with the Democrats, the conservative voter is disenfranchised. The Reagan Rule, “Speak no ill of another Republican” allowed infiltrators to thrive with impunity, and was rightly cast aside by President Trump on the campaign trail in 2015-2016. If in office a Republican fails to uphold our values, they should be held accountable–censure them and primary when they are up for re-election.
  • Poor leadership
  • Non support of each other, back biting
  • candidates

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