Maryland Podcast Month Starts Friday

The 3rd Annual Maryland Podast Month starts this Friday!

The goal of Maryland Podcast Month is to bring podcasts of all stripes together to cross-collaborate and cross-promote in order to create more opportunities for podcasts to get new listeners. This effort is non-partisan and non-ideological and hopes to bring together all sorts of locally produced conduct, including podcasts about news, politics, sports, life, culture, food, wrestling, and whatever else is out there.

If it’s produced in Maryland or has primarily a Maryland Audience, they should be a part of this effort.

To participate in Maryland Podcast Month, send an email with your podcast name, a synopsis, and the links to your material.

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To learn more about participating shows, visit the website or follow Maryland Podcast Month on Facebook and Twitter.

Selected Participating Podcasts

  • Red Maryland Radio
  • JB’s Drive-in
  • Eye on Annapolis Daily News Brief
  • The Maryland Crabs
  • Conduit Street Podcast
  • Kirk and the Crab
  • Section 336
  • Dr. Politics & The Political Architects Show
  • The Hunt Club
  • The Hub Show
  • The Orioles Minor League Podcast
  • Elevate Maryland

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