Guest Post: Steuart Pittman as Chance the Gardener

ED. NOTE: We received this email in response to our recent coverage of Steuart Pittman. It is published in its entirety, though the name has been redacted at the request of the author.

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Dear To Whom It May Concern At Red Maryland,

Good morning.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

Our current County Executive has seemingly been working overtime not to get outdone by Governor Hogan on Twitter.

Yesterday, rather than merely offering his best wishes for Easter Sunday, Pittman included expounding on his vision with the addition of “powerful pillars.” His tweet comes across more like something from Chance the Gardener in the film “Being There.”  What popped to mind as I read the tweet was imagining Pittman saying, “As long as the roots are not severed, all is well. And all will be well in the garden.”

The flowing is my admittedly unsympathetic and somewhat harsh reaction to Pittman and his tweet.

  • Isolation is not enjoyable for some, but it isn’t a big problem. The big issues are sickness and death for those who have developed illnesses from Covid-19 and their families. And, there are substantial and growing financial losses for employers and employees – to government revenue as well.
  • I’d guess that anyone who follows Pittman on Twitter, Facebook, or reads the Capital is aware the guy loves trees. Yes, that’s certainly a “glorious young tree” in his Easter post. So what?
  • Perhaps I am splitting hairs, but I don’t recall the word “rebirth” often used to describe Christ’s resurrection. Matthew 28:6 King James Version, “He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.” The Apostles’ Creed states believers believe in “the resurrection of the body.” Anyway, Pittman comes across as playing to those who believe while simultaneously delivering a political sermon.
  • I would guess that at least half of County residents do not share his vision and progressive agenda for All. And, as his term in office continues, fewer will probably support him.
  • What will likely renew the economy is not overregulation.  What is needed is for local government to support business and development growth.
  • If Pittman is concerned about creating income and wealth “equity” within our County, perhaps he could carve off some of his inherited land and money to share with those who he perceives are victims of those he deems greedy.

I tend to agree with Brian Griffiths when he says that “We’ve seen a stunning example the last two days of just how out of touch wealthy horseman Steuart Pittman is.” And, yesterday’s Pittman tweet-of-the-day is yet another example of why the “Tone-Deaf Wealthy Horseman” must be removed from office in 2022.

That said, I have no issue with Pittman’s wanting a more fair and just Place for All, or even for his wealth. What troubles me is that his clouded vision is not beneficial to All, especially those struggling to make a living in the private sector as we come out of this challenging situation.

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