FAQ: Red Maryland’s Upcoming Closure

As announced on the April 30th episode of Red Maryland Radio, Red Maryland will be winding down operations on June 4th. Here are the answers to some questions you may have.

Why is Red Maryland Ending?
When Red Maryland started, we knew that Maryland needed coverage and discussion of state and local politics from a conservative perspective. It still does. Despite nearly 13 years of effort on Red Marylands part so much of conservative media these days is focused on national politics and “owning the libs” as opposed to cogent thought and discussion of campaigns and issues. Combine that with voters and consumers of media on social media devoting 98% of their attention to President Trump and his decisions and ignoring important issues at the state level, it felt like we were in a vicious cycle where nobody cared about things that mattered.

This reality for someone who donates their time and effort to a project like Red Maryland is that these conditions result in one thing: Burnout.

Did Brian and Greg have a falling out?
No. Brian and Greg had a rational conversation about this and agreed that the best thing to do was wind down Red Maryland and preserve its legacy.

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Why June 4th?
We wanted to provide continued coverage of the 2020 primary election and the General Assembly session. Little did we know that we would also be covering a global pandemic.

When was the decision to shutter Red Maryland made?

Why did you wait to make the announcement?
We wanted to sensibly prepare for the end of business operations and make it through the Maryland Primary.

Did the rescheduling of the primary change the date Red Maryland was going to cease operations?
Yes. Operations were originally to wrap up in early May.

Will Brian continue his column at the Capital?

What will the principals of Red Maryland do going forward?
Brian will be launching a new media venture called The Duckpin in June. More information is available at TheDuckpin.com, which can be followed on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Greg will focus on his legal practice and has no plans to blog or podcast beyond that.

What will happen to the website?
The archives will continue to be available here at the site.

What will happen to Red Maryland Social Media?
The FacebookTwitter, and Instagram social media sites will continue to exist as legacy social media sites, and will continue to share relevant links and information.

I was a Red Maryland Patron on Patreon. What will happen with that?
The Patreon site has been closed to new patrons. Additionally, no future patron payments will be processed.

What will happen with the Red Maryland Awards?
Brian will have the option to continue the awards, under a different name, at his new media venture if he chooses.

What Will Happen to the Red Maryland Leadership Conference?
Brian will have the option to continue to organize the conference, under a different name, in the future.

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