A Tangled Web: Alan McCarthy, Cecil County Democrats and Project Cecil

What the heck is going on in Cecil County?

We’ve long heard rumors that state Democratic parties were intending to spend money into rural counties that are traditionally Republican in an effort to undermine Republicans and conservative candidates. Information we have received indicates that Cecil County may be one of those targets, but with an assist from an incumbent Republican County Executive.

Sources tell Red Maryland that John Dixon, vice-chairman of the Cecil County Democrat Central Committee, has been talking openly about Democratic money heading into Cecil County. Dixon formed the Project Cecil PAC. The PAC describes itself as a “non-partisan association of active citizens, business and community leaders, dedicated to improving the health, wealth, and culture of Cecil County.” Even more curiously, the issues the PAC espouses sound a lot like conservative values.

Yet despite that, the Project Cecil leadership team includes the Democrat Dixon, another Cecil County Democratic Central Committee member Matt Welch, Cecil County Democratic Club Vice-President Luz Dubravcic, former Democratic Delegate candidate Mike Welker, and Open Society Institute Baltimore Field Operator Dee McManus.


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Open Society Institute Baltimore is an organization funded by George Soros and Project Ceci promotes local organizations it plans on supporting through grants from Open Society Baltimore and NextGen American, another Soros organization.

Jeff Kase, who serves with John Dixon on the Cecil County Democratic Central Committee, is the Democratic candidate for Cecil County Executive. Yet it appears that Project Cecil is supporting incumbent Republican County Executive Alan McCarthy. McCarthy has raised the enmity of local conservative Republicans for his taxation and budget policy. After replacing Tari Moore in 2016 after running on a platform of “fighting tax increases”, McCarthy raised real estate, personal property, income, and hotel taxes in his first budget while also increasing spending.  McCarthy has stated that he is “fighting to stop the liberal Democrat’s tax plan to raise state and local taxes by billions, yet in a March 2nd interview on Cecil TV he stated that the state is in a better position to raise money for Kirwin, so they should figure out how to pay for it.

Oddly, that has not stopped McCarthy from linking himself with Governor Hogan in sending out mailers against tax increases. The very same tax increases that McCarthy supports in the video above.

Now to tie this all together, the pro-tax incumbent McCarthy is receiving ads supporting his candidacy paid for by the same Project Cecil PAC that is organized by members of the Cecil County Democratic Central Committee.

On top of all of that, the Project Cecil PAC was promoting a fundraiser (recently canceled due to the pandemic) in support of McCarthy. The keynote speaker? Democratic Comptroller and candidate for Governor Peter Franchot.

Despite paying for ads for McCarthy, Franchot is the only candidate that the Project Cecil PAC openly supports on their website

So, let’s recap here:

  • A non-partisan PAC was started by members of the Cecil County Democratic Central Committee;
  • The PAC is run by Democratic activists and partially funded by money from organizations connected to George Soros;
  • The PAC run by Democrats is running ads for and supporting incumbent Republican County Executive Alan McCarthy;
  • McCarthy is trying to run for re-election in the primary as an anti-tax Republican despite raising taxes, increases spending, and openly supporting the Kirwan Commission recommendations.

It’s a lot for Republican voters to chew on leading into the June 2nd primary. But conservatives across Maryland should be on the lookout for similar schemes in their counties as we approach the 2022 election cycle.


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