These Pictures Say 4 Billion Words About Kirwan Support

There’s a time-honored tradition in the Maryland General Assembly. If you want a seat at a committee hearing, you show up and take it. Seating for committees has long been a first-come, first-served proposition.

That means absolutely nothing to the left-wing interest groups trying to astroturf support for the Kirwan Commission bill, as these photos by Danielle Gaines of Maryland Matters shows:

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The seats were “reserved” by none other than the Maryland State Education Association and BUILD, two left-wing interest groups that have a vested and financial interest in making sure that the Kirwan Commission recommendations pass. Some of the seats are reserved in the name of the Blueprint Coalition, a dark-money organization funded primarily by the MSEA.

Gaines noted later that the “reserved” seating was removed, but what does this say about the MSEA and BUILD? That these organizations are willing to try to crowd out anybody else from the committee hearings?

Are they that concerned about opposition to the Kirwan Commission recommendations that they will try to silence opponents by blocking them out of the hearing room? Are they that afraid of what can happen if there is a robust and honest debate about the price tag and how much it is going to cost working people in higher taxes.

Whoever is responsible for these stunts are shameless and should be identified. They should be publicly shamed and laughed out of public life in Annapolis. This type of behavior is absolutely reprehensible and shows what lengths groups like the MSEA and BUILD will go to get their hands on your money. How far they will go to silence opponents of the Kirwan Commission recommendations. And they apparently will try to silence opposition by any means necessary, even if it means astroturfing support for the bill, even if it means silencing critics, and even if means giving the middle finger to what traditions we have left in the Maryland General Assembly.

Groups like the Maryland State Education Association and BUILD are likely incapable of shame, but they should feel ashamed for what they have done.

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