The Maryland Press Conspiracy to Protect Jill Carter

Those who know my writing are aware that I almost never (perhaps literally never) have written about conspiracies, but there are two active conspiracies currently in all of Maryland political media’s reporting, with the exception of the fearless WCBM Radio: the desire to hide Sen. Jill Carter’s support of the odious anti-Semite, Rev. Louis Farrakhan and the refusal to talk about the problem of fatherlessness in conjunction with violence in Maryland   I shall confine myself here on the former outrage only.

Here is a letter unpublished by The Baltimore Sun which elaborates on a different piece I wrote for Josh Kurtz’z Maryland Matters

Opinion: Two More Takes on Jill Carter

Trending: Red Maryland Radio #445: January 30, 2020


To the Editor:


     In your lengthy election analysis  (read “paean”)  of candidate Sen. Jill P. Carter, The Sun once again does not even mention her anti-Semitic history.  This is irresponsible journalism particularly in a time of increasing violence against Jewish people in America and elsewhere.

      Carter has been an unabashed supporter of the contemptible Jewish-hating Louis Farrakhan, a virulent life-long hater of Jews, who tweeted in late 2018,  as part of a long, consistent and undiluted history of vile and threatening anti-Jewish insults,   “I’m not an anti-Semite. I’m anti-Termite.” 

     Sen.  Carter was prominently cited from the dais at his speech at Morgan State University several years ago.

     She has never publicly regretted or retracted her symbolic support for Mr. Farrakhan, and one cannot find any criticism of her support of him among Baltimore or Maryland political principals or Baltimore or Washington print or electronic media.  Former WBAL Radio talk show host Jimmy Mathis told me (and told me I could quote him), “I had Jill Carter on-air and asked her if she would denounce Morgan’s [Morgan State University] having Farrakhan speaking there, and she would not.”

     Would one write an analysis of presidential candidate Donald Trump and leave out his infamous remarks on Charlottesville?

     Who would have voters believe that Carter is the best Democrats can do to replace Elijah Cummings, as she is a suborner of the most well-known openly anti-Semitic American figure of our time?

Richard E. Vatz, Ph.D.


     Professor Vatz is a professor of political rhetoric at Towson University and is the author of The Only Authentic of Persuasion: the Agenda-Spin Model  (2019)


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