The Democrats in the Bubble

The most important statistic in the recently released Goucher Poll is this:

Marylanders remain largely unaware of the Kirwan Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education. Sixty-nine percent say they have heard or read “nothing at all” about it.

Somehow, per the poll results, fewer people know about the Kirwan Commission know than they did in September. In fact, if you look at my review of the September Goucher Poll vis-à-vis the Kirwan Commission, two of these three things are accurate:

  • Voters seem to not understand how much money is already spent on public education in Maryland.
  • People support tax increases for public education when there is no context as to how much those tax increases would cost them.
  • The fight over the Kirwan Commission is now inside baseball that people in the know are fighting about but the public has absolutely no idea what it all means and how much it will cost them.

Now the Democrats don’t even have support for tax increases on their side, as only 3% of Marylanders think taxes are too low. Those numbers are even worse than the Washington Post poll we saw back in October.

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Good luck explaining the Democrats Sales Tax Scheme with those numbers.

But let’s get back to the public’s recognition, or lack thereof, of the Kirwan Commission. After three years, Maryland Democratic insiders have been holding a conversation with themselves. That statistic is damning and shows that Democrats are living deep inside their own bubble. Not only that, but Democrats have made a conscious decision to play the insider game on Kirwan, taxpayers be damned. We’ve already seen evidence of that; remember when the Kirwan Commission sandbagged the public from their conversation about the potential for tax increases? The tax increases that we have told you were coming for years?

Democrats have made it a point to keep information about the Kirwan Commission sheltered from the public in an effort to sneak a tax increase past the people. This situation is a disaster of the Democrats own making due to their subterfuge in promoting Kirwan and their deceit in supporting a tax increase after promising none were coming. Democrats own this and until they realize that they cannot live in a bubble, they and their handlers in the Maryland State Education Association are never going to find happiness.


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