Red Maryland Candidate Survey: Chris Meyyur for Congress, District 6

Editors Note: In lieu of a survey response, we received this from the candidate

Dear Red Maryland editors and bloggers,

The “redistricted map turned the 6th from a heavily Republican district into a Democratic-leaning district” with the 32% of diversity population.

Contrarily, demographics of MD-06 with 25% immigrant population, makes it a swing district with only COOK PVI: D+6 advantage.

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I can make inroads into the Democrat’s voter base by staying away from the issues that are not in the purview of House of Representatives.

I live in the urban working middle class portion of the 6th district area where bulk of the votes are. The swing voters will relate with me more than any other candidate and will be willing to vote Republican.

84.49% urban
15.51% rural
Population (2015) 761,921
Median income $79,247[1] Ethnicity
68% white
14% black
11% Asian
13% Hispanic
0.1% Native American
0% Pacific Islands Americans.

About 210000 votes are needed to win the election in MD-06 and only I am capable of that.

Other candidates will have to face 20 million dollar ad campaign on their past and present positions. They will have to meet Washington Post and all the activist groups and rights groups as they will be entering the national scene.

Conservative thought leaders have enormous power. Some talk show hosts and bloggers made it possible for Ed McMullin to siphon off sizable number of votes in many Western states.

Gary Johnson won ~4.5 million votes in 2016 and that is 3 million votes more than 2012.

If Gary Johnson and Ed McMullin were ignored, President Trump would have won more electoral votes and won the popular vote.

The Survey for Republican Congressional candidate cannot have questions on Constitutional amendment or on issues Supreme Court decided already and not going to overturn them ever again.

If you remove four Survey questions for all of our Republican candidates, I am very eager to participate.

What is your position on life issues? (abortion, assisted suicide) – Supreme Court decided it.
Would you support the passage of the Human Life Amendment? – This constitutional amendment has no chance in this century.
What is your position on the legalization of marijuana? – State level , Colorado legalized it.
Would you support the passage of the Balanced Budget Amendment? – Speaker Paul Ryan cannot get it done, now it is a lost cause.

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