Ron Young, Kai Hagen Join Frederick Democrats Nazi Chrous

It was only a few hours ago when I asked where the adults were in the Maryland Democratic Party.  And it’s starting to become apparent that there aren’t any.

Democratic State Senator Ron Young and Democratic Frederick County Councilman Kai Hagen have joined the Frederick Democrats in accusing Republicans of being Nazis.

First, Hagen lumps in Christian Conservatives with Nazis:

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Hagen’s take, of course, is contrary to actual history. The Nazis were not Christian in any sense of the word that a Christian. The best way to describe whatever religious belief of mysticism the Nazis held were to say that were pagans or believed in Norse-esque mythology. Hagen’s statements show a complete lack of historical knowledge about Nazism or any actual knowledge of Christianity.

Ron Young then jumped in to defend his staffer Josh Cramer’s boneheaded comments supporting the Frederick County Democrats inflammatory by making inflammatory statements of his own:

Just for fun, Ron Young decided to then call a constituent an idiot:

This is not OK. This is not normal. This is not acceptable. The fact that the Frederick Democratic County Central Committee called Republicans Nazis was bad enough. But now, on top of it, to have the Democratic Central Committee, a Democratic State Senator, his Chief of Staff, and a Democratic County Councilman all defend this type of bigotry and hatred is beyond the pale.

It is very clear that the pattern of 2019, the pattern set by such hate-filled “party leaders” like Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, Robbie Leonard, Mary Ann Lisanti, and Dave Heilker were not outliers. They are the norm for the modern Maryland Democratic Party.

If Ron Young and Kai Hagen had any decency within them, they would resign their office. Since decent people don’t make the bigoted, ignorant, and hate-filled statements that they made, I don’t see that forthcoming. Instead, maybe they should pick up a history book, learn about the Nazis, learn about World War II, and maybe come to sort of realization as to how stupid they sound when they parrot the hate-filled, ignorant, and bigoted comments of their fellow Democrats.


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