Luetdtke’s College Gambit

Maryland’s House Majority Leader and former troll blogger Eric Luedtke has come up with another idea that should have been dropped before it ever saw the light of day.

Luedtke believes that more should be done to facilitate voter registration among college students on college campuses, and wants taxpayers to pay for it:

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Eric Luedtke literally believes college students are too stupid to vote.

Of course for Luedtke’s plan to make any sense, you have to ignore a few keys things:

  1. The fact that anybody who wants to register to vote can already do so online;
  2. That polling places on college campuses don’t help students who are already registered to vote at their permanent residence;
  3. That those students who are registered can already participate in no-fault absentee voting; or
  4. That in 2018 Maryland voters adopted a constitutional amendment allowing for same-day voter registration.

When you take those four things into consideration, you realize just how stupid Eric Luedtke’s idea is here. Is Luedtke this ignorant of how state government works, or is there something else.

Luedtke actually wants to require colleges and universities, both public and private, to have a student voting coordinator pushing voting information to students. What exactly is the point of this when every college and university can just send the link to Maryland’s online voter registration system to every student on campus and accomplish the same thing?

So what’s the point of all of this? The same thing every Democratic bill on voter registration is about; Democratic turnout.

You see, in many college towns, students can have an outsized influence if they register to vote in that town. In some instances, there have been dedicated efforts to register college students in those towns, particularly College Park, to influence local elections. Often these students are not changing their residency within Maryland, but are re-registering as Maryland voters.

Now imagine such a plan going into place two years before a gubernatorial election after Democrats were easily defeated in the previous two gubernatorial elections.

Yes, as wacky as it sounds, Eric Luedtke’s bill is designed to register more Democratic voters in an effort to close the gap between Hogan-voters and the radicalized based of the modern Democratic Party. This bin deserves to be mocked and ridiculed, not just because of its partisan nature but because of the way it makes a mockery of how easy it is to register and vote in Maryland. Though, really, we would expect nothing less from somebody like Eric Luedtke.

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