John Leopold: He’s Baaaaack

Like a bad disease that won’t go away or a bad burrito that won’t stay down, John Leopold has once again decided that he must run for public office.

We’ve spilled a lot of digital ink about the unrepentant John Leopold over the years, all of which you can see here.  Leopold was last seen in 2018 seeking his old seat in the House of Delegates. Republican voters in District 31B emphatically told Leopold to get lost. But that hasn’t stopped the soon-to-be-77 year old presumably childless Leopold from deciding that his services are now needed on the Anne Arundel County Board of Education.

Leopold has been going door-to-door in Anne Arundel County’s 2nd Councilmanic district handing out this literature obtained by Red Maryland highlighting his record on education.

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This is unusual because Leopold continues to be a registered voter at his address in the Elizabeth’s Landing community where he has lived for decades, which is located in the 3rd Councilmanic District. But it’s not unusual for Leopold because Leopold has a history or district shopping and threatening to move to other districts to run for office. Usually, he gets cold feet at the last second and backs down.

Leopold has not currently filed for this or any other office.

Not all of the residents of the 2nd District are particularly thrilled to see Leopold back. One resident, Sylvia Mentecki, refused to take Leopold’s literature and gave him the what-for about his past. So Leopold did what he often does when he doesn’t get his way; he writes a letter. This is the entire contents of the letter, shared by Mentecki with Red Maryland:

So the entirety of the contents of the letter was:

  • Leopold again relitigating that he was innocent because his lawyer failed him, an argument rejected by the court;
  • A 20-year old blurb from the Washington Post;
  • And a copy of a letter to the editor which proves the point that the court rejected his argument.

The letter ultimately led Mentecki to decide to run for the Board of Education seat against Leopold herself.

This is just another sad chapter in the sad life of John Leopold. No family. No support. No repentance. No career other than politics. So Leopold, who first ran for office in 1968, continues to put his name on the ballot in the hopes that somebody will love him. If you didn’t know the guy and everything he’s done, both reported and unreported, you’d feel sorry for him.

But our position at Red Maryland will remain the same. John Leopold is unfit for this or any other public office. Any voters who see Leopold’s name on the ballot should again reject him and maybe, just maybe, John Leopold will take the hint and leave us all alone.

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