Frederick Democrats Double Down on Hate Speech

Frederick County Democrats are standing by their hate-filled attacks against Republicans.

Earlier this week, Frederick County Democrats accused Republicans of being Nazis, and they are not backing down from their hate speech:

It’s telling that the Frederick County Democratic Party sees no problem with accusing their political opponents of being Nazis, a natural manifestation of Godwin’s Law. But their lame defense of their hatred is actually even worse. That last sentence is key. “Are they running scared now that we outnumber them in the county, or do they actually object to fighting tyranny.” What tyranny? What are they even talking about? Are they accusing Republicans of supporting a tyrannical? Are they implying that the Trump Administration is tyrannical? It’s bad enough that they called Republicans Nazis, but this pathetic defense shows just how out of touch Frederick County Democrats are with reality.

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Central Committee member Josh Cramer defended it under his own name, too.


“Donald Trump invokes the exact same policies that led to the rise of Nazism in Germany” is simultaneously inflammatory and ahistorical buffoonery. Cramer’s comments, and for that matter this entire braindead line of thinking from the Frederick County Democratic Party, cheapens the memory of the victims of Nazism and the memory of those brave Americans who died liberating Europe from its grasp.

Cramer, incidentally, is Chief of Staff to State Senator Ron Young according to his LinkedIn profile.

Where are the adults in the Democratic Party? As I pointed out on Thursday, this is hardly the first time recently that Democrats have lobbed inflammatory and unmerited hate speech at Republicans. And nobody in the Democratic Party seems all that bothered by it or interested in encouraging their Central Committee members, elected officials, and candidates to act like grown-ups and knock it off.

Is Senator Ron Young going to tell his employee Cramer to knock it off? Probably not.

Is Senate President-presumptive Bill Ferguson going to tell his members and their staffers to behave? Will Speaker Adrienne Jones? Probably not.

Will Democratic Party Chair Yvette Lewis tell Democrats that this uncivil and hateful behavior is unacceptable? Probably not.

None of these Democrats are going to want to answer for this. But they should. And we all must ask them.

Obviously, it will be up to the voters to tell Democrats that their continued hate speech will not and cannot be tolerated.

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