Frederick Democrats Call Republicans Nazis

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Lost in the empty space between Christmas and New Year’s, Democrats in Frederick County engaged in the Democrats favorite past time: hate speech.

This Facebook post makes it very clear what their thoughts are on the matter. They are blatantly saying that Democrats and those who vote for them are the only people who are “Patriotic Americans” while Republicans and Republican candidates are Nazis.

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The number of ways that this is patently offensive are high. Not only is it insulting and juvenile for Fredrick County Democrats to call their opponents Nazis. Not only is it pandering to say that Democrats and Democratic voters are the only true patriotic Americans. But it is thoroughly insulting the to the brave Americans who fought and died in World War II liberating Europe and ridding the world of Nazi tyranny.

Sadly, this level of hate speech and bigotry from the Frederick County Democrats ties in nicely with all of the other hate speech we saw from Democrats last year, including Maya Rockeymoore Cummings accusing Larry Hogan of being a white nationalist, Baltimore City Democratic Candidate Dave Heilker accusing Trump voters of being terrorists, Maryland Democratic Party Secretary Robbie Leonard saying gun owners are domestic terrorists, and the straight up racism of Delegate Mary Ann Lisanti.

Ironically it was Frederick County Democrats who were most recently proudly traipsing around Frederick County alongside symbols of hate and bigotry.

Clearly Frederick County Democrats have no interest in campaigning this year on issues. They plan on making the campaign one of demogoguery, sensationalism, and hate. It shows how Democrats in Maryland, particularly in Frederick County, are bankrupt of ideas as to how to help Marylanders and intend on running an unserious and petty campaign. Voters across Maryland should recognize this, and if Frederick County Democrats had anything resembling decency they would apologize for their crass behavior.


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