Peter Franchot: Soap Opera Populist

Comptroller Peter Franchot was for expanding the Capital Beltway. Until this month that is; now he’s against it.

Earlier in December, two out of three members on the board — Comptroller Peter Franchot and Treasurer Nancy Kopp — moved to postpone a vote on Hogan’s plan to widen I-270 and the Beltway. The proposed expansion plan has been a source of tension between Franchot, who intend to run for governor in 2022, Kopp and Hogan.

Franchot says he is concerned about the project taking people’s homes. Apparently, he had a come to Jesus moment about taking homes considering he’s already voted to take homes for the Purple Line. In February of 2018 he voted at the Board of Public Works to allow the MTA to take portions of an apartment complex that was located in a critical path of the Purple Line.

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I mean, who’s really surprised that a Democrat supports something that helps build more mass transit but opposes the same policy when trying to fix actual problems.

Franchot is a soap opera populist, he rails against “the machine” his mantra is “for the people.” However, 70% of the people want the Traffic Relief Program, yet he’s kowtowing to the tiny 14% that represents the machine politics of Montgomery County.

Now, we know why Franchot is bowing before the progressive altar. Franchot is running for Governor in 2022 and Franchot knows that the Democratic Party base has been radicalized, both in their beliefs and in the actions they will take in order to elect a like-minded radicalized candidate at the ballot box. Despite the fact that Franchot is Maryland’s original radicalized left-wing Democrat, he isn’t radicalized enough for the new breed of radical that comprises the Maryland Democratic Party electorate. Much as he did with his stupid statements on abortion in May, Franchot is prostrating himself before this new base in order to atone for the sins they perceive him to have committed during his terms as Comptroller.

By the way, the Transit Relief Program is a major business opportunity for the state’s small and minority-owned businesses. Does Franchot really think those businesses, many of whom are Democrats and Democratic donors, aren’t watching him flutter in the wind on this bill?

So is this what a Franchot administration will look like? A radicalized version of the O’Malley Administration, where every action was undertaken in order to keep the base happy at the expense of the taxpayer. Every time the progressives flex, is Franchot flinches going to flinch and say “Please don’t hurt me?”

Is Franchot actually going to be the champion of the people around which he and his political team have crafted an entire dubious hagiography? Or is Franchot going to be just another Democratic pushover that does whatever he needs to do in order to keep the radicalized left-wing base in his party happy? It looks like we already have the answer.

By halting the Traffic Relief Program Franchot hands his general election opponent a giant campaign issue with which to beat him repeatedly. And given the number of Maryland residents angry about having to sit in traffic waiting hours to get home due to decades worth of Democratic ineptitude we’re ok with that.

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