New Teacher Member of the Maryland State Board of Education was Jealous Surrogate

Carroll County Music teacher Rachel McCusker, who was recently elected to the Maryland State Board of Education, was a surrogate for the Ben Jealous campaign who appeared in a commercial during the race.

McCusker was elected to the seat Democrats created to make sure that the Maryland State Board of Education always had a union member doing their bidding on the Board of Education.

McCusker appeared in the ad that was released October 4th.

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Media outlets including WBAL-TV and Maryland Matters ignored McCusker’s appearance for Jealous in their stories detailing McCusker’s selection.

Obviously, the first election for the spot reserved for a public school teacher on the Maryland State Board of Education turned out exactly how people thought it would turn out: that the seat will be reserve for the Maryland State Education Association representative who will prioritize union interests and Democratic priorities over students or even their fellow teachers.

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