2019 in Review: 30 Most Read Stories

If you want to know what Red Marylander readers read most in 2019, here it is: the stories in Maryland Republican and conservative politics that got the highest readership:

  1. Introducing the Democrats Newest Idea: The Music Tax
  2. Montgomery County Council Invokes Godwin’s Law, Say People Opposed to Sanctuary Status are Neo-Nazis
  3. We’re Outgunned
  4. Maryland Democratic Official Crosses the Line
  5. Catherine Pugh Should Resign
  6. The Pittman Payoff
  7. Baltimore City Council Candidate Promotes Hate, Intolerance, and Fake News
  8. Winners and Losers from the House Speaker Election
  9. Kumar Barve’s Plan to bring California’s Blackouts to Maryland
  10. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings and her Gaslighting
  11. Pittman’s Hypocrisy on Forestry Bill
  12. Frederick County Democrats Take Confederate Ride
  13. Maryland Republican Party Passes Resolutions
  14. Montgomery County’s Rape Crisis
  15. Gun Rights Supporters: Get Ready
  16. Bike Supremacy is Ruining Everything
  17. Baltimore Plots Raid on Education’s “Casino Lockbox”
  18. Why Hogan Wants Obama’s Help on Redistricting
  19. Democrats Honor Disgraced Delegate
  20. Maryland Young Republicans Elect New Leadership
  21. Cheryl Kagan’s Plan to Have Some Votes Count More than Others
  22. The Elephants in the Room
  23. The Creeping Fascism of Pat Young
  24. Washington Post Poll Spells Trouble for Kirwan Funding
  25. Pittman Doubles Down on Broken Promise
  26. Kirwan Commission Sandbagging Public on Massive Tax Increases
  27. This is What Passes for “Ideas” in Democratic Socialism
  28. Nothing Nice About Including Bike Lanes on Nice Bridge Replacement
  29. The Baltimore Sun Editorial Board Beclowns Itself Some More
  30. Former Delegate Cheryl Glenn Facing Foreclosure

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