Martin O’Malley is still in Denial

In an interview with Newsy, Martin O’Malley shows that he is still living in denial when it comes to his effectiveness and his legacy.

At about 2:00, O’Malley says this about Larry Hogan.

“In the case of our own current governor, he is the beneficiary of a lot of tough decisions that were made before he came into office, all of which he opposed, that has him able to serve without having to make tough choices. And he also, like Charlie Baker in Massachusetts, has the advantage of being a Republican who is not Donald Trump.”

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Those tough choices, of course, were 40+ consecutive tax increases on middle and working-class Marylanders that bloated state government and wrecked the state economy.

Our archives, of course, are littered with Martin O’Malley’s “tough decisions”, his banana republic government style, and his insistence that government should pick winners and losers at the expense of the people.

This video and that above quote, are actually rather sad. It shows that Martin O’Malley has not yet come to grips with his term in office. He has not yet come to grips with the fact that his reckless tax and spend policies hurt people. He has not yet come to grips with the fact that the voters resoundingly rejected his legacy, not just by electing Larry Hogan over O’Malley’s own chosen successor Anthony Brown, but also in Larry Hogan’s popularity (which far exceeds any level of popularity O’Malley ever achieved) and it Hogan earning more votes in 2018 than any candidate in statewide history.

It’s understandable. Martin O’Malley always had a healthy ego and a strong sense of self-importance. He thought it was his birthright to be Mayor, than Governor, than be President. Of course, even Democrats had tired of his act by the time he launched his doomed Presidential campaign in 2016. But O’Malley’s rejection by his own voters, by many in his own party, clearly hurt him. And he continues to be in denial about it. Not just in the voters rejection of him and his legacy, but in how much of a better job Larry Hogan has done working to fix Maryland by undoing the damage O’Malley and his cronies did.

Denial ‘aint a river in Egypt. But it is Martin O’Malley’s state of mind.

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