Guest Post: Election Integrity in Maryland; A Conversation with Maya Rockeymoore Cummings

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Election Integrity in Maryland
A conversation with Maya Cummings

In Prince George’s County, some 200 fraudulent voting incidents occur each year due to the presence of non-citizen voting in the county. While the Maryland State Board turns a blind eye to this problem, the national non-profit group, Judicial Watch has been investigating and found some 900,000 non-citizen registrations on the voting rolls between Virginia and Maryland.

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Fair and honest voting is vital for good government, because good people will not even run for office, much less get elected, when the system is rigged. The corruption of elections can occur in a number of ways, but much depends on the good will of those public officials, appointed and elected, who have power and control over the system. In Maryland, fraudulent voting has been a problem on many levels.

In a recent social media conversation with Maya Cummings, Maryland Democrat Party chair, and widow of Rep. Elijah Cummings (Baltimore), we discussed this matter in some detail.

Lee Havis A recent Judicial Watch report, I’m told, came out with information that some 900,000 unqualified non-citizens voted in the 2018 elections in Virginia and Maryland. Sadly, I doubt that the “congressional delegation” in Maryland is very concerned about solving this problem of election integrity, but rather actually more concerned with padding the voter rolls and voting in favor of their own partisan political power through any means possible, including voting by non-citizens. Am I right on this, or do I exaggerate?

Maya Rockeymoore Cummings ask Republican Governor Hogan. He’s in charge of the entire electoral system.

Lee Havis with respect, not really. There is a state board of elections, and a Linda Lemone is the head of that board, whose tenure is controlled by political parties, not the Governor. Ms. Lemone has a tight control over issues like election fraud.Judicial Watch is not in a legal battle for voting records and such from Governor Hogan, but rather from the State Board of Elections. Since you are prominent in the Maryland Democrat party, I think it’s important for you to know who is responsible for issues of election fraud, and how to resolve these issues. I’m quite sure you will find a willing and receptive cooperation from our Republican colleagues in this matter.

Maya Rockeymoore Cummings I was referring to the fact that Gov Hogan has a majority of appointees on the state board of elections and on each county board of elections. He also manages the Motor Vehicle Administration, which has a critical function with respect to voter registration. He has a lot of power and control over our system.

Lee Havis Replacing Linda Lemone, I’m told, requires a unanimous vote of the State Board – and that means that even if the Democrat appointees are in the minority, they still have to agree to this replacement. Ask Senator Mike Miller (D) to see about a replacement for Ms. Lemone.

I suspect the majority D general assembly is the body that has set the MVA up as a motor-voter apparatus. Other voting rules and procedures as well, that work against election integrity. So, how can Governor Hogan overrule the law that they established? Want to talk about accountability in education? Mandatory funding? The Maryland General Assembly has been working for years to reduce the power and control of the Governor.

Maya Rockeymoore Cummings  gov Hogan is the governor of the state. He has management responsibilities over every agency, including the MVA. I find it interesting that you are seeking ways to absolve him of his clear duties.

Lee Havis What exactly would you want Gov. Hogan to do? Violate the laws of the state? I suspect he has already sat down with Senator Mike Miller to seek his cooperation to change the bad law respecting the decision-making power of the state board of elections. That said, I appreciate your encouragement for him to find clever ways to work around bad laws – although I’m not sure that’s his “clear duty”.

Maya Rockeymoore Cummings he should answer the questions put forward by the state’s federal delegation and do everything in his considerable power to ensure we have an election of the highest integrity and security. Your argument about him not having responsibility for our state election system is completely implausible. Yes, there are laws and yes he is the chief administrator responsible for executing those laws. He also has considerable discretionary powers which he seems willing to use for the things he cares about…

Lee Havis Election integrity is indeed a critical need and concern we should all share for good, honest government. And there’s blame enough to go around to us all in correcting abuses in our electoral system. You think Governor Hogan will get the cooperation he needs from the General Assembly to remove the abusive gerrymandering of election districts in our state? He has already offered a non-partisan election commission for this purpose.

That said, I think you are confusing the role of Governor with that of a dictator or tyrant. The Maryland constitution cautions Maryland citizens to resist tyranny from government. Sadly, too often, we citizens don’t stand firmly enough against the abuses and tyranny of our elected leaders, who have too often shown a lack of regard for laws and the ethical conduct of their offices.. And when our duly elected law enforcement officials fail to hold elected leaders accountable as well, I thank God we still have some honest, law-abiding federal officials, judges, and agencies to step in to stop these abusive practices.

I suspect the questions that the Maryland congressional delegation (all but one, Democrats) has for the Governor are about how to make fraud in voting easier, such as by facilitating voting by illegal aliens and non-citizens – NOT about limiting voting only by those entitled to vote by citizenship. I’m still waiting for Linda Lemone to answer the questions from Judicial Watch on the number of non-citizens who are on the voting rolls and actually have voted in Maryland elections.

By the way, Senator Cardin, I understand, has a “hot line” for anyone to call if they feel they have been ‘blocked’ or “suppressed’ in casting their vote. I wonder how many calls he has received since he opened up that operation. You honestly think there is a problem with ‘voter suppression’ in Maryland?

Lee Havis is a longtime political activist. He is President of the Northern Prince George’s County Republican Club, and a candidate for Congress in the 5th Congressional District.

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