Frederick County Democrats Take Confederate Ride

Red Maryland has learned that Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner and Frederick County Councilman Jerry Donald rode in a parade yesterday in a vehicle with Confederate emblems.

Gardner and Donald, both Democrats, took their ride at the Brunswick Veterans Parade held on Sunday. Sources shared with Red Maryland photos of both Gardner and Donald riding in the back of a truck that had both a Sons of Confederate Veterans license plate and a second confederate sticker on the truck. Based on their placement, it would be impossible for either to avoid noticing the emblems on the truck.

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As noted above, the truck also had a National Rifle Association sticker on it as well.

It will be interesting to hear Gardner and Donald’s motivations for riding in the truck. Given how Gardner and Donald have been part of the investigation against Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and his administration of the 287g program in Frederick County, it seems weird that they would accept a ride from such a vehicle. No matter how woke they might appear to the radicalized base of the Maryland Democratic Party for their attempts to demonize Jenkins for his administration of the program, it seems they will have taken a giant step backward based on their appearance in Brunswick yesterday.

I, for one, look forward to seeing how the Maryland Democratic Party treats Jan Gardner and Jerry Donald for their newfound Confederate pride, and how quickly Gardner and Donald apologize for it.

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