The Mike Miller We Know (updated)

Speculation abounds about this afternoon’s announcement from the Maryland Senate Democratic Caucus, specifically if Senate President Mike Miller will step down as President. I personally find it hard to believe that Senator Miller would ever voluntarily give up his leadership of the Maryland State Senate, a position he has held for over three decades.

Nonetheless, it seems now is the time to reflect on our relationship with the Senate President. Needless to say, Red Maryland has been covering Mike Miller since the beginning of our blog in 2007. We wrote about the unsavory tactics he employed in multiple elections. We covered his support of the O’Malley agenda and tax hikes.  We chuckled at his grousing about Governor Hogan’s “inflammatory tactics.”

So many stories. Our criticism hardly went unnoticed and Red Maryland eventually took up residence in the Senate President’s head leading him to literally demonize us on the Senate floor.

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Despite being the harshest and most tenacious critics of Senator Miller over the last 12 years, we pray for his good health and recovery.  (Our views actually do come from the “sermon on the mount”, Senator.)

Whenever the day comes that Mike Miller is not the President of the Maryland State Senate, a significant chapter of Maryland political history will close.

[Update 12:23] Senator Miller announced is he stepping down as President and Senate Democrats have unanimously endorsed Senator Bill Ferguson.  We will have a lot more to say but a new era in Maryland politics has begun.

[Video Credit: Bryan Sears of the Daily Record]

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