Frosh Finally Gets With the Program

We’ve been covering the partisan hackery of Brian Frosh for some time now. We’ve talked extensively about Frosh’s obsession, in particular, about suing the Trump Administration for basically everything under the stun. It’s even something I’ve written about for The Capital.

This is why what Brian Frosh is doing now is so galling:

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh asked Gov. Larry Hogan Monday for a slew of new resources to fight violent crime in Baltimore, including 20 prosecutors to target gangs and drugs.

In a letter to Hogan, Frosh responded to the governor’s order that he prosecute more violent crime in the city by saying he would need about 30 more staff members to have an impact on the persistent violence.

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Frosh, who has eight prosecutors targeting violent crime, wrote he is requesting from Hogan “an expansion beyond our current efforts sizable enough to make a meaningful difference” to fight drug and gun crimes.

The Democratic attorney general said he is seeking 20 additional assistant attorneys general for prosecution of gang violence and drug trafficking, three prosecutors to target firearms trafficking, five analysts to assist with criminal investigations, two victim-witness coordinators to assist with prosecutions, more funding for witness protection, and more support from state police for investigations by Frosh’s office.

Look, all of this is well and good. The Office of the Attorney General should be involved in trying to fight crime in Baltimore. They should be involved in trying to prosecute violent crime in the city. They should be doing what they can to make sure that drug and gun crimes are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Frosh should be looking for more assistant attorneys general to deal with gang violence, drug trafficking, and all of the other ills that face Baltimore.

But why did it take so long? Brian Frosh has been the Attorney General of Maryland for five years. His primary office is literally in the heart of downtown Baltimore. He was a State Senator, including the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, before that. Why did it take until now for Brian Frosh to do something about crime in Baltimore?

(Really, we know the answer to this: it’s because Governor Larry Hogan pressed the issue and tried to get Frosh to do something.)

But we know what Frosh’s priorities have been the last for years. We laid it all out here. While Baltimore was suffering nearly unmanageable violent crime, Brian Frosh prioritized:

  1. Opposing Stiffer Penalties for Child Sex Offenders;
  2. Standing up for Radical Envriomnetalism;
  3. Opposing Public Information Laws;
  4. Blocking an investigation into Planned Parenthood;
  5. Supporting violent mobs attacking political opponents;
  6. Supported Partisan Witch Hunts;
  7. Supported repeated lawsuits against the Trump Administration; and
  8. Being a yes-man for disgraced former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

All of those things Brian Frosh decided were more important than dealing with Baltimore’s crime wave.

I’m glad that Brian Frosh has decided to get on board with dealing with violent crime in Baltimore, no matter how late to the party he is. But it’s galling that it took this long for Frosh to decide to prioritize real issues affecting real Marylanders. This would be a convenient time for Frosh to stop being a partisan hack, drop the incessant suits against the Trump Administration, and focus on doing his actual job which is not being a Democratic apparatchik but serving the people of Maryland.


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