Crass Pittman Tries to Make Cummings Funeral All About Himself

Anne Arundel’s County Executive, wealthy horseman Steuart Pittman, decided that too much attention was being focused on the funeral of Elijah Cummings today. So instead, Pittman tried to steal the thunder and make this day of remembrance of Congressman Cummings all about himself.

In a letter released to The Capital today, Pittman wrote “A Letter to Elijah” in which Pittman uses the death of a Congressman to prop himself up politically.

Read the entire letter for a master class on trying to get some attention for yourself and using someone’s death to try to score political points. I haven’t seen something this crass associated with the politician of a funeral since the funeral of the late Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone was turned into a Democratic pep rally in 2002, something that ultimately cost the Democrats a Senate seat.

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It’s just mind-boggling to see a politician, an elected official, print this kind of letter solely for the sake of drawing attention to themselves. Look, we know Pittman’s a rich, out-of-touch, left-wing elitist. But to have such a high opinion of yourself that you would write a letter capitalizing on the legacy of a late Congressman for the sake of highlighting political priorities is a crass gesture and shows a level of entitlement and self-importance rarely seen even in politicians.

Steuart Pittman’s letter and his attempts to use Congressman Cummings’s funeral for political purposes is insulting, crass, and beneath the dignity of his office. Pittman should publicly apologize to the Cummings family for this stunt.

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