Baltimore Sun Editorial Board Stuck on Stupid, Doubles Down on Anti-Hogan Nonsense

The ivory-tower crowd on the Baltimore Sun Editorial remains stuck on stupid when it comes to their hypocritical treatment of Governor Larry Hogan and their blind fealty to the Kirwan Commission.

The Editorial Board spent another column today bemoaning the fact that Governor Larry Hogan is holding a fundraiser for his Change Maryland Action Fund political action committee. Go read it for yourself.

The Editorial, which should probably be credited as a political contribution to the Maryland Democratic Party and the Maryland State Education Association, again falls woefully silent on the issue of Strong Schools Maryland, a dark money political action committee that is raising money and operating for the purpose of supporting the Kirwan Commission recommendations.

It seems more than a little disingenuous and hypocritical for the Sun to whine that Governor Hogan’s committee will  “run millions of dollars of ads to lay waste to Kirwan Commission recommendations” while continuing to stay completely silent that a pro-Kirwan group is doing the exact same thing.

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If this sounds familiar to you, it’s because they did the same thing a scant three-and-a-half weeks ago.

What’s just as asinine is the fact that the Sun makes a completely bizarre argument that the Kirwan Commission recommendations are somehow fiscally realistic:

What might it take to finance public education? Influential lawmakers say plain economic growth will cover much of the cost, so might taxing online sales from out-of-state companies or maybe sports betting or even help from private charities. Is that really so much to ask if school spending is properly overseen, if money is tied to improved results or whatever check-or-balance Annapolis cares to devise?

This sentence can only be written by somebody who is either completely ignorant of the Kirwan Recommendations or somebody who is willfully lying about the grave nature of the funding requirements. Neither is a good look.

Taxing online sales isn’t going to end the pain. Sports betting isn’t going to end the pain. Legalizing marijuana and taxing it isn’t going to end the pain. Even if the state did do all of those things to fund Kirwan, the state would be woefully short of the funding foreseen by the Commission and would still require an additional $6,000 in tax increases on Maryland families to pay for them. And that says nothing about the impact on local governments and residents, particularly Baltimore City as I wrote about earlier today.

Before his passing, the late Ron Smith called the Baltimore Sun the “Calvert Street Democratic Marching Society.” They may have left Calvert Street for Port Covington, but years later this sobriquet is still apt. This nonsense op-ed by a bunch of ivory tower elitists who’ve never struggled a day in their life and are completely disconnected from the city and residents they serve is just another reminder that at present the Baltimore Sun Editorial Board is the last place you want to look for consistent, rational, well-thought-out arguments that honestly present commentary on the issues of the day in a thoughtful manner.

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