What Red Maryland Is, and What Red Maryland is Not

This issue seems to come up every so often, and I think it’s important to address it.

In the middle of an asinine letter to the editor in the Capital about my Bay Bridge column from a chucklehead on the Anne Arundel County Democratic Central Committee, we get this:

His Red Maryland site is even more nonsensical. Silly rantings about bike supremacy, attacking professors by claiming they want violent revolution, saying other members of the media are the other party, or calling Democrats members of a death cult.

That’s great, but Greg wrote the piece on bike supremacy. He’s also written extensively on life issues and the death cult. As far as the other stuff, who knows.

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But the real point of contention is this: His Red Maryland site is even more nonsensical.

I tweeted extensively about this today, but I think the entire point of my tweets needs to be memorialized,

I think people get a lost in the sauce as to what @RedMaryland is and what Red Maryland is not.

Red Maryland is not the personal blog of Brian Griffiths, no matter how often people try to conflate the two. This has ebbed and flowed over the years, with the attribution sometimes going to Greg, sometimes going to Mark Newgent, sometimes going to Andrew Langer.

Ever since Red Maryland was founded, it has been a collaborative effort by a team of conservatives trying to fight back against the Democratic machine in Maryland. We were a #resistance movement before resistance became a code word for Democrat.

Ever since the founding of Red Maryland, we have been a group of conservatives who agree on probably 85-90% of stuff. We disagree sometimes at the margins. Sometimes that stuff is small. Sometimes, like this issue I wrote about today regarding primaries and endorsements, are big.

But all of our writers have their own views on stuff on any number of topics. We’ve always been one of the few places in Maryland conservatism where dissent was not just allowed but encouraged.

So yeah, others are going to disagree with what I have to say, even within the Red Maryland family. And that’s ok because disagreement within a movement, within an organization, shows strength, not weakness.

But as far as the idea that Red Maryland is only my thoughts and my whims?

The real reason I even wrote today’s piece in the first place is that we’ve seen this happen here, and we saw first hand how destructive it can be to a movement. And it doesn’t hurt to say so.

Here at Red Maryland we’ve been doing right by the conservative movement since 2007. We’ve helped take down two state party chairs who were leading the party down the wrong path. And we’re gonna do even more in the future.

And the one thing all of us agree on? We have a LOT more work to do to Change Maryland for the Better. And even when we disagree on certain tactics, strategies, and actions, we’re all united as one on that.

So no, Red Maryland is not my personal playground, any more than it’s anybody else’s. Red Maryland has been here for 12 years. We’re going to be here a hell of a lot longer and, Good Lord willing, last a lot longer than even our involvement.



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