Pittman’s Rigged Game

Wealthy horseman Steuart Pittman may be new at politics, but he sure has picked up leftist tactics in a hurry from the Democrats learning tree.

A recent controversy has brewed up regarding the Anne Arundel County Executive’s Gun Violence Prevention Task Force. Pittman was responding to alleged protests and actions by certain groups who support the right to bear arms.

“Opponents of efforts to end gun violence have a right to speak freely, but this administration will continue its efforts to save lives,” he wrote in a statement.

Now, the statement in and of itself seems rather benign. But it’s really not, and that gets exacerbated by how Pittman was characterized in this Capital story later on in the same piece:

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Pittman said people who oppose all levels of gun control weren’t invited to sit on the task force because its mission is focused on improving firearm regulations, and preventing gun violence. If people don’t agree with that goal, Pittman said that was their right, but “that’s why we didn’t select those folks for the force.”

“They don’t share the same goals,” he said. “They’ve been clear that disrupting the task force work is their goal.”

And there, wealthy horseman Pittman shows that he has morphed into a Democratic machine politician. Because it’s very apparent that Pittman’s Gun Violence Protection Task Force has one goal in mind: gun control.

It’s not a coincidence that the Task Force is full of Democratic, anti-gun activists. The members include a member of Moms Demand Action, a March for Our Lives organizer, a member of the Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence, and multiple current and former Democratic elected officials or candidates for office. The Ex Officio members are another litany of Democratic politicians, former politicians, and failed politicians. Of all the members of the Task Force only one, Republican County Councilmember Nathan Volke, is pro-gun rights.

This isn’t a Task Force that is going to seriously consider all avenues for ending gun violence. It’s a task force that is designed for one thing, and one thing only; to promote further restrictions on gun ownership in Anne Arundel County that are even stricter and more draconian than the already draconian state laws.  As encapsulated by an editorial in the Capital today, any outcome of the Task Force other than “guns are the problem” will be unacceptable to the powers that be.

Like so many Democratic commissions and task force, the results were baked into the cake.

What’s infuriating is that not a single pro-gun advocate was added to the Task Force. As the Capital editorial said:

Most gun rights advocates have expressed no desire to work toward reasonable limits on ownership that are clearly needed to stem the rising tide of blood caused by the ludicrous proliferation of these weapons in the United States. Instead, they offer half-truths and misleading arguments — mental health, video games, violent culture portrayed in the media, breakdown of the nuclear family — that resonate with the uninformed. Make no mistake, however, guns are the problem.

Let’s say that that will be refuted in a column running later this week in the Capital.

One of the Pittman and Capital issues seems to be surrounding gun rights groups in general, but also The Patriot Picket in particular. There seems to be an issue regarding intimidation and other things on social media. We’ve covered our issues with The Patriot Picket previously. But this isn’t about the Picket. This is about shutting out all pro-gun groups. Why was an NRA member not added? Why not somebody from Maryland Shall Issue? Why not somebody from the Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association? Why not somebody from the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore?

We all know the answer as to why. It’s because Pittman and the anti-gun groups that propelled him into office want to whitewash the issue. They want to pretend that there are no causes to gun violence other than guns and that there are no solutions to gun violence other than further draconian restrictions on guns. They want to make sure that good guys with guns are disarmed so that bad guys with guns can roam free. As always, they hate guns and gun owners.

Wealthy horseman Steuart Pittman is free to appoint whatever task forces he wants. But Pittman should be intellectually honest, say that he fears gun owners and gun rights groups having the opportunity to speak truth to power, and should rename his commission the “Anne Arundel County Executive’s Gun Grabbing Task Force.”

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