A Whitewash of the Real Planned Parenthood

The Baltimore Sun allowed its op-ed page to be used to whitewash what Planned Parenthood does.

In an op-ed for the paper, Planned Parenthood of Maryland CEO Karen J. Nelson tries to gloss over exactly why Planned Parenthood exists and what they actually do.

Let’s deconstruct this entire piece, shall we?

We live in confusing and scary times as the future of reproductive health becomes murky and unclear. We are witnessing a coordinated and aggressive political agenda to restrict birth control, ban abortion and overturn Roe v. Wade. This month the Trump administration dismantled the nation’s only family planning program serving 4 million low-income patients, and Planned Parenthood officially withdrew from the Title X program.

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This is absolutely ludicrous, of course. No, I’m not just talking about the Orewllian nature of using “reproductive health” as a euphemism for the killing of viable children in utero. It’s the claim that “the Trump administration dismantled the nation’s only family planning program serving 4 million low-income patients.” See, the issue here is that “family planning” is what the left uses to pretend that abortion is not an abortion. It doesn’t take into account the fact that there are many other types of family planning, such as Natural Family Planning and yes birth control, that allows for actual family planning and not the dismemberment of living beings.

Nor does this honestly depict the true discussion about birth control. For years, Republicans have proposed making birth control available over the counter, without a prescription, and without being covered by the government. Yet Planned Parenthood opposes those changes because they believe that both the pill and the abortions should be free and plentiful.

Also, Planned Parenthood didn’t shut it’s doors once the Trump administration repealed Title X. That’s not a coincidence considering Planned Parenthood is fabulously flush with cash, with nearly $2 billion in assets and over $600 million in private donations in 2018 alone.

In Maryland, however, regardless of ability to pay, patients should be reassured that birth control, breast and cervical cancer screenings, STI testing and treatment, and abortion will continue to be available at Planned Parenthood clinics.

Nationwide, breast exams, pap smears, cancer screeners, well-woman exams, information, and adoption referrals are on the decline. But the did manage to perform 332,757 abortions last year. That’s roughly equivalent to the size of Tampa, Florida according to the most recent census.

We are moving dangerously close to a post-Roe world in which more than 25 million women of reproductive age (1 in 3) will live in states where abortion is outlawed. Nearly 73 percent of Americans support safe and legal abortions, yet 16 states have voted to ban abortion, and more than 290 anti-abortion laws are pending in 45 states.

This polling data is not the carte blanche the abortion lobby pretends it to be.

If there is a bright spot in this complex and terrifying political landscape it is that here in Maryland we are not only way out ahead of the curve in terms of protecting women’s health, our state-wide reproductive health care system is a model for the nation.

We are truly fortunate because even if Roe is struck down, our state law guarantees access to abortion. In a referendum a quarter of a century ago, voters upheld a law that makes abortion legal even if Roe is overturned. We are one of 11 states to ensure safe and legal abortions no matter what the Supreme Court does.

It’s sick and appalling to think that, according to Nelson, that Maryland is a “model for the nation” when that means that Maryland Democrats keep trying to remove barriers that protect the lives of unborn children.

She is right, however, that Maryland unfortunately already protects the right to abortion in state law. Something that we have discussed previously when talking about the Democrats ridiculous desire to add abortion to the state constitution.

She then goes on to list out the shameful and disgusting ways that Maryland has protected the right to an abortion. This is inclusive of legislation passed that provides state funding to Planned Parenthood in the event that the organization loses Title X funding, as they have. Governor Larry Hogan’s decision not to veto this legislation remains the single-most disappointing thing he has done as Governor.

Maryland is an example of what can happen when the public and the policymakers support Planned Parenthood and encourage Planned Parenthood clinics to not only survive but thrive.

However, as good as we are today we can always be better. Health outcomes can and must be improved. There is more to do to reduce barriers to health care and expand access to birth control, but here in Maryland we should be proud that our elected officials consistently support policy that keeps high quality reproductive care affordable and accessible for everyone.

The “health outcomes can and must be improved” and “There is more to do to reduce barriers to health care” are choice lines when you consider that the “health outcome” for the unborn child is always death and the “barrier to health care” for unborn children is the fact that groups like Planned Parenthood and other members of the death cult continue to try and make it easier and easier for unborn children in Maryland to be legally killed.

In America a woman’s right to control her health care is suddenly and dangerously at risk and on the line. From total bans on abortion to the attack on Title X, abortion opponents are waging everything they’ve got as part of their massive war on women’s access to reproductive health care. This is not a drill. This is a true crisis, and we are in for the fight of our lives.

We need your help. We need the collective power of this community to stand strong against these attacks to outlaw abortion. The time to organize, rally, and fight back against the abortion bans we’re seeing is now. Together, we can protect all women’s access to safe and legal abortion and reject these attempts to strip us of our reproductive health and individual rights. Get involved. Donate what you can. Write letters. Call your elected officials. Join a voter registration drive. Get loud on social media. Support your local Planned Parenthood.

Once again abortion is not health care. It is the termination of a life. Karen Nelson, Planned Parenthood, and all of the abortion zealots out in the world can pretend that it isn’t. But that’s exactly what it is. No, we should not be promoting access to safe and legal abortion. We should be supporting an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that outlaws abortion once and for all.

The shameful way that Nelson is allowed to end the piece is precious too. Nelson is basically allowed to use the entire piece as a commercial to encourage abortion advocates to do more to protect abortion. The entire op-ed was an in-kind contribution from the Baltimore Sun Editorial Board, who agrees with their radical and immoral cause.

Look, abortion is legal in the state of Maryland. It’s sad, but it’s true. But we need to continue to fight back against the death cult propaganda machine. We must be willing to do more to protect life, from conception until natural death. We must be prepared to speak the truth when puff pieces like this hit the street. When Planned Parenthood tries to pretend that their business model isn’t focused on killing the unborn, we must speak out. It’s why we are again having a pro-life discussion at the 2020 Red Maryland Leadership Conference.

There are two sides to this discussion. Those who want to protect the lives of unborn children, and those who want to take the lives of unborn children. Which side are you on and are you prepared to answer, either in this life or the next way, for your choice?

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