Tweets Trigger Republican Derangement Syndrome

As the political media locally and nationally continue to spasm in predictable tribal ways over the President’s latest tweets, we have new evidence of the unhinged nature of the Maryland Democratic Party and the spread of Republican Derangement Syndrome.

You will recall when Congressman Cummings’ wife, and Maryland Democratic Party Chair, Maya Rockeymore-Cummings called Governor Hogan a white nationalist for saying something nice about Ronald Reagan.  Dr. Cummings also referred to all Republicans as the “American Taliban“. Taking a cue from his party chairman, you will recall that the Maryland Democratic Party Secretary Robbie Leonard called gun owners “terrorists” and called for the doxxing of those who deigned to testify in Annapolis in defense of their 2nd Amendment Rights. The Republican Derangement Syndrome among Maryland Democrats has also prevented them from decrying hate and violence against Republicans.

The GOP derangement syndrome is continuing to spread with the Maryland Democratic Party. This week, the Maryland Republican Party shared the President’s criticism of Congressman Cummings on Facebook, prompting the following meltdown from the Democratic Register of Wills in Howard County Byron E. Macfarlane:

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This is an elected Democrat official insisting that the MDGOP is “a white nationalist party from Garrett County to Howard to Worcester”. (Note how the following friendly commenter is taken aback by MacFarlane’s deranged screed).

Whatever one thinks of the President’s tweets, it is beyond question that they have triggered many Maryland Democratic elected officials.

The growing derangement of those within the MDDEMS that every Maryland Republican, from the blood and soil Trump supporter to the Never Trump RINO moderate is a white nationalist, lays bare the basic unfitness the party has to lead this state.


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