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Our Chronicle of Baltimore’s Problems

When the intractable problems in the City of Baltimore made national news by the President’s recent tweets, a lot of folks from out of town have suddenly felt the need to discuss Baltimore.

If you have been reading Red Maryland over the last twelve years, you know a lot about Baltimore’s problems and many of our proposed solutions thereto. We have covered not only the scandals and the violence but a wide range of policies that have contributed to the decline of a once great city.  We gave coverage to GOP candidates in the City and discussed the problems of the City’s Republican Party. We have offered solutions and our co-founder Mark Newgent put his money where his mouth is by running for City Council.

While many conservative bloggers have rediscovered Baltimore and will move on from their examination of the city when the news cycle changes again, we at Red Maryland have been providing unflinching conservative criticism of the City and its leaders for 12 years and we aren’t going anywhere.

Here are some highlights of our coverage over the years (read it all here)

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We were the first to call for Catherine Pugh’s resignation

Our Debunking of the Claims that Baltimore City Schools were underfunded Part II

GOP AG candidate Craig Wolf gave his take on Crime and Poverty in the City and offered some solutions

Baltimore Republicans let President Trump know they are there and ask for his help.

The Democratic Cesspool of Corruption – Baltimore City Edition

Red Islands in a Vast, Blue Sea (Analysis of Baltimore GOP)

A Disturbing Notion (Detailing Mayor Rawlings-Blake’s unpreparedness for the Baltimore Riots)

Our Post-Riot piece about why Baltimore’s Problems are Maryland’s Problems.

The Democrats’ Fifty Year War on Maryland

The Port Covington Bailout

The Real Priorities of Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

Our Endorsement of Alan Walden for Mayor of Baltimore

Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations – BPD Edition

Criticism of Baltimore City Republicans Inability to Do More

A Series of Proposals for a Better Baltimore, Part I  Part II

Where’s the Outrage?

Dixon Gone, Baltimore Corruption Remains

Martin O’Malley’s Crumbling Baltimore Legacy

The Need for New Leadership in Baltimore

The Failure of More Gun Control to Stop Baltimore Violence

Our Endorsements in the Baltimore City Elections (Including our own Mark Newgent running for City Council)


This is is just the tip of the iceberg.  No outlet has covered the City of Baltimore and provided conservative insight and criticism like Red Maryland.  Help us continue to do so by becoming a patron.

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