Donald Trump Speaks To GOP Women’s Groups

On Trump, Cummings, and Baltimore

Seemingly everybody on earth is talking about President Donald Trump’s tweets this morning attacking Congressman Elijah Cummings and the City of Baltimore.

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You can pretty much read all of the reaction that you need to read in this Baltimore Sun story.

Needless to say that nobody in this situation is coming off smelling like roses.

First off, typical of his tweets, President Trump shot his mouth off before his brain was loaded. The problems with his tweet are extensive, but it boils down to two big problems.

  1. The 7th Congressional District includes only half of Baltimore City. Large chunks of the district are in Baltimore County and Howard County. Some of Maryland’s most affluent areas i.e. Columbia, Clarksville, and parts of horse country are part of the district; and,
  2. There is a racial component of the implication is too obvious to miss.

If the President really wanted to make useful points, he could have pointed out how Elijah Cummings during his time in Congress ignored the scandals of the Obama Administration. He could talk about Cummings role in the IRS targeting of conservative organizations. He could talk about how much of a scandalous dumpster fire the Maryland Democratic Party has been under the leadership of Cummings wife, Maya Rockeymoore Cummings. Or even Ms. Cumming’s myriad issues of her own with the IRS. If Trump wanted to provide some sort of useful critique of Baltimore and its government, there are nearly unlimited examples to cite.

But instead, Trump decided to tweet factually incorrect nonsense merely to get cheap heat from Democrats to pop his own base that doesn’t know anything about Baltimore.

Democrats of course are reacting like Baltimore is paradise and doesn’t have any problems. It’s very clear to anybody who pays attention that Baltimore’s education system is a mess, that crime is completely out of control, corruption is the rule and not the exception, computers being taken over by hackers, and more. Democrats, particularly national Democrats who don’t know a thing about Baltimore, seem to ignore not only the fact that Baltimore has problems but seem to gloss over the fact that Democrats have had one-party rule over Baltimore for 50+ years.

Conservatives on Twitter are continuing to beclown themselves trying to, for reasons that make no sense, defend Trump’s nonsense comments. We see stuff nonsense like this:

Who the hell thinks that that’s an intelligent much less useful piece of dialogue. Then again, this has been the general rule of the conservative movement for some time now; a lot of folks who have never worked a day in politics off of the internet who say things to get a reaction without having any connection to the real world or in this instance the city of Baltimore. They’ve never been to West Baltimore. They’ve never been to East Baltimore. They’ve never been to Pigtown. They’ve never been to Westport.

Ultimately, what will have been accomplished through Trump’s tweets and the associated sturm und drang associated with it? Not a damn thing. Trump will continue to tarnish himself and the “conservatism” he represents with a racially tinged brush. Conservatives, particularly outside of the Baltimore area, will have shown themselves to more interested in making jokes instead of making changes. And Democrats continue to minimize the fact that real problems exist in cities like Baltimore despite decades of Democratic dominance.

Frankly, I’m fed up with all of them.

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