Seth Moulton Hires Failed Maryland Candidate

Congressman Seth Moulton has hired failed Maryland Democratic Congressional candidate Jesse Colvin to be the Deputy National Finance Director for his fledgling Presidential campaign, the Jewish Insider reports:

Representative Seth Moulton has hired Jesse Colvin, a 2018 congressional candidate, to serve as deputy national finance director for his presidential campaign.

Colvin, whose campaign was backed by Moulton, raised over $1.8 million in his underdog campaign against incumbent Republican Andy Harris. The Democrat ending up receiving 38% of the vote in Maryland’s rural red First Congressional District, running 20 points ahead of gubernatorial nominee Ben Jealous.

The former Army Ranger intelligence officer and Afghanistan veteran was one of a number of Democratic veterans to run for office in the 2018 midterms and his campaign benefited from strong support from Moulton, a fellow veteran.

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Colvin joins Moulton’s campaign as the the three-term Democrat from Massachusetts has over 25 staffers spread across the country and attempts to build momentum for his long-shot campaign on the eve of the first presidential primary debates in Miami on Wednesday.

As noted, Jesse Colvin was a Beto O’Rourke-esque social media darling running for Congress against incumbent Congressman Andy Harris, still losing to Harris by 22 percentage points.

Colvin was better known during the campaign as being the subject of an ethics complaint filed by the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee. In the complaint, then-Baltimore County GOP Chairman Al Mendolsohn, who lodged the complaint against Colvin, alleged that Colvin was committing “occupancy fraud” related to the DC Homestead Property Tax Exemption.

One has to assume that Congressman Moulton and his campaign team were aware of the complaint and hired him anyway, particularly since Moulton’s campaign is on life support after failing to qualify for the first Democratic Presidential debates being held tonight and tomorrow.

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