Lam Tilting at the Wrong Windmills

Last week State Senator Clarence Lam broke out his fainting couch to write about new members of the reconstituted University of Maryland Medical System board

State Senator Clarence Lam accepted nearly $3,000 in the last election cycle from the campaign committee of disgraced former Delegate Dan Morhaim, long after Morhaim was formally reprimanded by the House of Delegates for egregious violations of state ethics laws.

For those of you who haven’t been tracking over time, in 2016 the Washington Post revealed that at around the same time Morhaim joined Doctor’s Orders, a company, which was then seeking a license to dispense medical marijuana, and used his position as a state delegate, to influence state regulators. Morhaim sought the removal of the prohibitions on selling edible marijuana products, and support for his 2016 bill that would have allowed dentists, podiatrists, nurse practitioners and midwives the authority to issue prescriptions for medical marijuana. Both would have greatly benefitted the company he worked for, Doctor’s Orders.

We long chronicled Morhaim’s ethical lapses at Red Maryland, including calling for his resignation, wondering why the General Assembly wouldn’t remove him, and even allowing Morhaim the courtesy of defending himself.

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On top of accepting campaign contributions from Morhaim, Senator Lam was a cosponsor on Morhaim’s self-dealing legislation that sought to directly benefit Morhaim and the company that he was working for.

So to be clear here Senator Lam, who acts like he needed smelling salts when it came to Governor Hogan’s appointments to the UMMS board, knew that Delegate Morhaim was involved in clearly unethical behavior, supported him in legislation that would directly benefit his company, and accepted campaign contributions from him just last year.

Perhaps Senator Lam doth protest too much.

We know Senator Lam thinks the windmill he’s currently staring at is Governor Larry Hogan. However, if the good senator is looking for villains on his quixotic quest he would be better served to start with a mirror.

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