If Barry Rascovar Writes and Nobody Reads It, Is He Still Wrong?

Barry Rascovar recent writings continue to be a sad and pathetic thing to see.

We’ve been chronicling Rascovar’s nonsense for years, from his pompousness, to his strawmen, to his pretense, to his laziness, and finally to his vileness in attacking Governor Larry Hogan for getting cancer.

I wrote back in 2015 that “Barry Rascovar…..showed the talent, conscience, and political acumen that’s seen him let go from several respected publications.”

That talent, conscience, and political acumen was back at it again today in the only place that would publish it: his own website.

In a piece that would likely go unnoticed had I not brought it up, Rascovar goes back to his old canard: Larry Hogan hates Baltimore. It is unclear why Rascovar has an irrational hatred of Larry Hogan, but it’s fully on display in this one.

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The piece is too shallow to quote you any pearls of wisdom. But in a nutshell, Rascovar believes that:

  • Larry Hogan hates Baltimore;
  • That Larry Hogan should not only fork over state money to the failing Baltimore Symphony but should also direct his friends to throw money its way too;
  • That by fighting corruption at the University of Maryland Medical Center that Hogan is endangering Baltimore’s economy;
  • That the Governor is maliciously fencing off money for Baltimore City;
  • That the Governor is favoring the Maryland Jockey Club and the Stronach Group in its fight with Baltimore City over the Preakness;
  • That Hogan’s antipathy toward Baltimore is because the city is left-leaning, ignoring the fact that Governor Hogan received the highest vote totals from Baltimore City for a Republican statewide candidate in generations and how much the Governor has invested time and resources into Baltimore.

It probably isn’t coincidental that Rasocvar sounds a lot like Democratic talking points on these issues because he’s been a parrot for the Democratic Party going back decades.

There’s a reason why Rascovar does not write for any serious publications, and only occasionally gets picked up by larger ones. It’s time for Rascovar to let go of his irrational hatred of Larry Hogan and step away from the keyboard for good.

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