Counties the Next Battleground for Gun Laws

Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman has opened up a new front in the fight against gun rights; the counties.

In a long, meandering thread on Facebook, Pittman buys into the left-wing babble on gun ownership:

What’s most important is this key part here:

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The Second Amendment was drafted not to guarantee individuals the right to carry arms, but to convince delegates from states who did not share a loyalty to our young country that they would maintain autonomy. It allowed them to organize state militias as a defense against the United States of America.

Government regulates firearms because government must respond to public safety threats. Shooting is the #2 cause of death among American children, and the #1 cause of death among African American children.

A failure by public officials to regulate the weapons used to kill our children and our neighbors is a failure to deliver on our most sacred obligation as public servants.

The committees of our Anne Arundel County Gun Violence Prevention Task Force are hard at work. I look forward to receiving their recommendations on December 15, and I look forward to implementing them in 2020.

It’s time for an arms control agreement, right here at home.

Emphasis mine.

Pittman, a long-shot for re-election who never planned on being elected in the first place, has now cast his lot with the radical, dark money funded anti-gun groups that have been looking to eliminate your ability to own firearms as a private citizen. Their focus has traditionally been on elected federal and state-level candidates to implement their radical agenda.

Now here comes Pittman, completely dependent upon the support of radical left-wing groups like these for his re-election, to play the role of their white knight and to push radical gun control legislation at the county level. Pittman drapes himself in orange, claims to support these laws “as a gun owner” and plans to railroad them through the Democratically-controlled County Council regardless of the effectiveness or constitutionality of these laws.

Once again folks: elections have consequences.

The key takeaway is this: gun control groups are opening up another front in their war against legal gun ownership. The fight is now coming to the counties, and everybody who supports the constitution and values your constitutional right to legally own firearms better be prepared to testify and to push back. And everybody who supports gun rights everywhere better be prepared to do the work necessary to elect pro-gun candidates across the board in 2022, because the pro-gun activists will not stop until they get what they want.

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