Maryland Republican Party Passes Resolutions

The Maryland Republican Party adopted three resolutions during its convention at the Grand Hotel in Ocean City on Saturday.

The first resolution was a bylaw amendment that gave county parties more power to remove members if they are threatening other members with physical violence. Unfortunately, this is something that *has* occurred during recent years. The amendment passed with some amendments to the original proposal that ensured due process for members facing the removal process.

A second resolution urged Governor Larry Hogan to veto House Bill 1272, which prohibits the Department of Health accepting federal Title X funding if the Title X funding cannot be used for abortion. It also requires the state to fully fund the Department of Health to make up the difference if Title X fundings is not accepted. Basically, it guarantees that abortions would continue to be funded by the state. This resolution passed by a unanimous voice vote.

(You should also call Governor Hogan’s office at 410-974-3901 or 800-811-8336 and demand that HB 1272 be vetoed).

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The real controversial resolution was one introduced by Baltimore County Central Committee member Al Mendelsohn condemning Delegate Rick Impallaria and demanding Impallaria’s resignation.

Mendelsohn is one of eight Republicans being sued by Impallaria for defamation.

The resolution was controversial, as many Central Committee members believe it is not the role of the State Central Committee to condemn elected Republicans. A similar effort to condemn former Delegate Don Dwyer while he was still in office never made it to the floor. However, the State Central Committee did vote to condemn Impallaria and demand his resignation by a close roll call vote. Many members of the General Assembly and those who worked for the General Assembly abstained from the final vote, contributing to the closeness of the vote.

For additional information about the Spring Convention, listen to this week’s episode of The Air Raid.

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