Young Democrats Desperate for Officers

The Young Democrats of Maryland have become so desperate for officers that they had to advertise on Facebook to recruit some.

It probably isn’t going to work out for them very well since the individual who shared this with Red Maryland was a Republican.

When called out about this on Twitter, Young Democrats President Joseph Kitchen scoffed at the notion, saying “so ensuring that our members know they can file to run, when the deadline is = desperate.”

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Normally that would be done through email, phones, and social media for the members who actually want to be part of the organization but it appears that the Young Democrats have run out of luck and run out of interest in people who actually want to lead the organization. Competently run organizations don’t need to advertise on Facebook begging people to run for office.

Of course, a lot of the lack of interest in the Young Democrats may have to do with the fact that the Young Democrats have sided with Maya Rockeymoore Cummings in her war on the House of Delegates.

The Maryland Young Democrats are one of many Democratic Socialist leaning social media accounts using the same screen cap based on my April 16th story about Republicans banding together to play kingmaker in the Speaker’s election.

Needless to say, we as conservatives have no stake in the game as to whether or not the Young Democrats of Maryland elect leaders of not. But the combination of a move to the radical left-wing fringes of society combined, a feckless and incompetent Chairman, and the allowance of hate, racism and fake news to become a key component of Democratic identity has surely not helped with Young Democratic recruitment.

This is merely the chickens coming home to roost.

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