ACU Lifetime Rankings for Legislators

As first reported by Maryland Matters, the American Conservative Union released their 2018 rankings for members of the Maryland General Assembly. These ratings are far too late to be useful for the 2018 Primary Election, but it is at least a status check on how Republican legislators rate according to a national conservative group.

The priorities are viewed through the prism of national more than Maryland politics.

The below chart shows only current members of the General Assembly who were also members of the General Assembly in 2018. Newly elected Delegates and Senators are not included in this chart. The ACU analysis did (for some reason) rank those who are no longer members of the General Assembly. You can review their scores on in the ACU’s document.

Chamber District Name Lifetime ACU Ranking
House 27C Mark Fisher 93%
House 2A Neil Parrott 93%
House 9A Warren Miller 92%
House 6 Robbin Grammer 90%
House 5 Susan Krebs 89%
House 9A Trent Kittleman 88%
House 5 April Rose 87%
House 1C Mike McKay 86%
House 29A Matt Morgan 85%
House 2A William Wivell 85%
House 5 Haven Shoemaker 84%
House 6 Ric Metzgar 84%
House 33 Sid Saab 83%
House 36 Steve Arentz 83%
Senate 4 Michael Hough 83%
Senate 5 Justin Ready 83%
House 4 Barrie Cilberti 82%
House 36 Jeff Ghrist 82%
House 1B Jason Buckel 82%
House 37B Christopher Adams 82%
House 6 Bob Long 81%
House 35B Teresa Reilly 80%
House 36 Jay Jacobs 79%
House 38A Charles Otto 78%
House 1A Wendell Beitzel 77%
House 30B Seth Howard 77%
House 7 Kathy Szeliga 76%
House 29C Jerry Clark 73%
House 37B Johnny Mautz 72%
House 31B Nic Kipke 71%
Senate 2 Andrew Serafini 71%
House 35A Kevin Hornberger 70%
House 35B Andrew Cassilly 70%
Senate 34 Bob Cassilly 69%
House 2B Paul Corderman 67%
Senate 6 Johnny Ray Salling 67%
Senate 38C Mary Beth Carozza 67%
Senate 36 Steve Hershey 66%
House 33 Michael Malone 65%
Senate 7 JB Jennings 63%
Senate 33 Ed Reilly 63%
Senate 42 Chris West 60%
Senate 1 George Edwards 59%
Senate 31 Bryan Simonaire 59%
Senate 37 Addie Eckardt 58%
House 38B Carl Anderton 57%

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