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Red Maryland Radio Special from CPAC

A special edition of Red Maryland Radio taped live at the first day of the 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference.

RM’s Brian Griffiths with former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Interviews include:

  • Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
  • Andrew Langer, WBAL Radio and The Langer Cast
  • Riley Heath, Princeton University Student and Turning Point USA Member
  • Mary Walter, WMAL
  • Bradley Lang, Towson CRs
  • Dwight Patel, MoCo
  • Jerry Feith, Charles County Resident
  • Jerry Rogers, WBAL Radio and The Langer Cast
  • Former Congressional Candidate Dave Wallace
  • Former Congressional Candidate Liz Matory
  • Republican Club of Frederick County President Marie Fisher
  • Greater Wicomico Republican Women President Bella Hambrick
  • Kaden Snyder, Washington County resident
  • Rick Sincere from Virginia’s equivalent of Red Maryland, Bearing Drift

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