Missing Committee Alert Frederick County

Be on the lookout for the Frederick County Republican Central Committee.

Last seen on or at the Frederick County fair tent and on the 2018 ballot.

If seen contact ANY Frederick County Republican

County residents are growing increasingly concerned as our local central committee continues to be missing in action on county issues of late. A recent county council meeting on the 2018 Revised Monocacy River Plan had no representation from Frederick County, but thankfully land owners and local farmers could garner representation from a Carroll County Republican Central Committee member.

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With a democrat majority county council, Frederick County now more than ever needs the Republican Central Committee to engage the debate and stand in the gap for county republicans. Frederick County has already seen a 2-year debate on the Monocacy River Plan. A plan currently up for discussion with the county council and which is unlikely to survive a democrat majority seeking to move forward with the highly progressive Livable Frederick master plan which would roll the previous river plan currently in place into Livable Frederick. Livable Frederick is a plan in which many in the county have not heard the direct impacts on homeowners. Questionnaires were available in local libraries and a select few emails were sent out, but the vast majority of county residents were not included or made aware of what is in the 250 plus pages of Livable Frederick

Our central committee states in by-laws they should assist and coordinate Republican activities in the county. Beyond Livable Frederick, county progressives also seek to make Frederick County a sanctuary county in the very near future. Making Frederick a county who picks and chooses the laws it upholds as it sees fit. Any visit to a county council will find public comment on making Frederick a sanctuary county and limiting Sheriff Chuck Jenkins’ ability to police our county in accordance with the law. The fight against a sanctuary county is an endeavor that unites many even outside Republican circles in Frederick. Where will the central committee be when the fight is on to protect our county?

A central committee is set up to operate an effective political organization in the county. Residents though wonder how a voiceless central committee is effective. No response to county wide issues simply creates a vacuum county democrats and now socialists are eager to fill. A political organization who does not represent county republican residents is neither effective nor representative of the citizens they seek to register as republicans.

New voter registration is essential to the survival of any political organization. At present, beyond the yearly tent at the county fair the central committee is distant at best and at worse not finding new members to increase the ranks of Frederick county republicans. With the rise of a favorable view of socialism at the county, state and national level the time has never been more urgent to unite to stand firm in the principles of conservatism which unit us all. By not speaking up and energizing county republicans, a central committee is also unlikely to get new registered republicans by change of party affiliations. In fact, without a presence it encourages people to leave the republican party as there is no action seen and apathy sets in.

A central committee also fundraises for party candidates for each election. Donors though will soon be hard pressed to contribute to campaigns which yield no results in the election or in governance between elections. In ever increasing, state and local campaign budgets party funding could soon prove to be crucial to any republican candidate seeking election to office.

Perhaps the worst element to the Frederick County Republican Central Committee is its refusal to speak ill of or act when an elected Republican fails to be accountable to the party principles they were elected to uphold. While silence may be golden, silence in county policies and governance is a detriment to all county republicans. If such silence continues, there may be few elected republicans left in Frederick County.

Let us hope the current central committee corrects course to better serve all republicans in Frederick County. Until then county republicans will continue the search for our missing central committee.

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