Maya Rockeymoore Cummings and her Gaslighting

We told people months ago that Maryland Democratic Party leadership was taking a radical turn to the left. We just didn’t know how right we were going to be.

As part of her continuing effort to try to make everybody forgot about Democratic Party Secretary Robbie Leonard’s hate-filled outburst toward gun owners, Democratic Party Chairman Maya Rockeymoore Cummings took to Twitter to… Governor Larry Hogan a racist and a white nationalist?

Yeah, it happened.

All of that would certainly be news to Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford, for sure.

The entirety of Rockeymoore Cummings tweet is completely off the rails. It’s amusing that she is saying that “what the world needs is love & Unity” at a time that she is launching baseless and unfounded attacks against Governor Hogan. It’s even more amusing when you consider exactly what Robbie Leonard said about gun owners (and he’s not the only Democratic official for whom this has been a problem), when a Democratic Delegate is a documented racist, when the Democratic Attorney General opposes due process, when another Democratic Delegate wants to roll back free speech, and when our Democratic U.S. Senators think it’s ok to let children die.

Maybe the hypocrite should first remove the beam from her own eye before removing the speck from another’s eye.

But let’s get back to this “dog whistle white nationalist” poppycock, the implication of which is that “Ronald Reagan is a racist.” An accusation that she willfully confirmed on Twitter:

Of course what Rockeymoore Cummings would hope that people would not do would be to actually look at historical facts, which we of course did.

What Rockeymoore Cummings relies on for her mental exercise here are ahistorical tropes and not evidence to slander Reagan. This is far from a new Democratic trope, but this type of nonsense has been commonplace on the left for years. All of it was debunked years ago, as this 2007 National Review does in a thorough and heavily detailed manner. Here are more fun facts.

Anybody who continues to promote these tropes, as Maya Rockeymoore Cummings does, is either willfully ignorant or intentionally trying to gaslight people who won’t take the time to do the research themselves.

Frankly, that Rockeymoore Cummings relies on these ahistorical tropes and not evidence to slander  Ronald Reagan and by extension to slander Governor Hogan as a means to mask her condoning by silence the slander and doxxing of citizens who exercised their 1st Amendment rights says more about her than it does about Reagan, Hogan, or us. You have to wonder how stupid Rockeymoore Cummings and her enablers in the Maryland Democratic Party think people are.

And quite frankly, what does any of this have to do with Governor Hogan? The comments that Governor Hogan made were in relation to how he sees his place in the Republican Party. In his potential 2020 primary challenge to President Trump, Governor Hogan wants to say that he is more in-line with the traditionally conservative wing of the GOP as generally embodied by Ronald Reagan as opposed to the Trump wing of the GOP.

The Maryland Democratic Party continues to be a dumpster fire under Rockeymoore Cummings. She is being pressured by the socialists in her party and in the General Assembly who thinks that Maryland has not moved far enough to the left. She has a caucus in the General Assembly, emboldened by their gerrymandered districts, who continue to move Maryland in a direction that is anti-worker, anti-business, and anti-family. She has folks in party leadership like Robbie Leonard who think that citizens peacefully assembling should be doxxed and reported to the FBI. And she oversees the party that is once again showing it is the epicenter of Maryland’s Culture of Corruption.

But if she thinks that gaslighting the people of Maryland in an attempt to tar the reputation of a Governor widely supported by the people of this state and to torpedo the Governor’s popular agenda, then she better go back to the drawing board.

EDIT, 3/19, 3:27 PM: The Maryland Democratic Party has unleashed an official statement following their Chairman down this nonsense rabbit hole.

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