KO Public Affairs Tied into UMMS Mess

Interesting Tweet early today from folks you certainly remember, Damian O’Doherty of KO Public Affairs:

Longtime readers will recall that we have been dunking on KO Public Affairs for a long time given their somewhat dubious history, to put it politely. They have been the longtime exemplar of the corporatist nature of the Maryland Democratic Party.

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It’s interesting that O’Doherty brings up the University of Maryland Medical Center, because KO Public Affairs does have a connection to funds from the Medical Center.

KO Public Affairs is tied into a group called the Maryland Maternity Access Coalition. That organization has been pushing for the creation of the Birth Injury Fund since 2015. Both treasurers in the history of that Coalition have been KO Employees:

The current treasurer is Sloane Whelan. There is a certain gallows humor that the treasurer of a group that is allegedly angling for high quality maternity care is a former Director of Public Affairs for Planned Parenthood, by the way.

KO Public Affairs has also frequently highlighted the Maryland Maternity Access Coalition on videos for their Center Maryland project, a propaganda outfit we have frequently discussed and one that has quite a checkered history.

Of the money that the Maryland Maternity Access Coalition has raised, $80,000 has been received from the University of Maryland Medical Center.

This was roughly half the money that the Coalition received. The only other contributions listed were two similar contributions from Johns Hopkins Hospital equaling $80,000, and one private $100 donation.

Of the $160,100 the coalition received, roughly $11,250 was returned to elected officials in the state, including Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh.

So we thank Damian O’Doherty for bringing this to our attention. Maybe he can tell us all where the rest of the money the coalition received from the University of Maryland Medical System went.


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