Impallaria’s Latest Outburst Screws Electric Ratepayers

We’ve chronicled the slow-motion disaster that is Delegate Rick Impallaria’s political career for a long time. Impallaria, who we have called on to resign for his drunk driving escapes in the past, decided to punish Ocean City and Maryland taxpayers for his arrest as reported by Maryland Matters:

The fight over clean energy legislation in the Maryland General Assembly took a bizarre twist Wednesday night when a vote in the House Economic Matters Committee to kill the bill failed – possibly owing to a lawmaker who held a grudge over a DWI conviction.

The surprise development gave supporters of the Clean Energy Jobs Act, which would mandate that electric utilities use 50 percent renewable energy by 2030, new hope…..

….The lawmaker who apparently surprised colleagues by voting against the unfavorable motion was Republican Del. Rick Impallaria, who represents Baltimore and Harford counties. Multiple sources speculated that Impallaria may have voted against the bill because he has a grudge against the Town of Ocean City, where he spent two days in jail after being convicted of driving while impaired in 2016. Ocean City officials have vocally opposed two wind energy projects off the coast of the beach resort that are working their way through the state and federal approval process.

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Yes, you read that right: Rick Impallaria screwed Maryland ratepayers just to get revenge on Ocean City. Impallaria was the only Republican to vote for a bill that would increase the cost of electricity for each and every Marylander. Had he voted against the bill there would never have been a second committee vote to push the bill to the House floor.

We at Red Maryland have been chronicling the disaster of the proposed renewable portfolio standards for years.

Realistically, none of this should be surprising to Republicans. Impallaria has acted out in similar ways before, and it certainly isn’t the first time that Impallaria has teamed up with Democrats to stick it to taxpayers. Why Republicans in District 7 keep sending Impallaria back to Annapolis is absurd and frustrating considering Impallaria often acts and votes like a liberal Democrat, though a lot of that has to do with the 13-person battle royal in last year’s Republican primary splitting the vote.

But the real problem is that having “conservatives” like Impallaria hurts the entire cause of Maryland Republicans and Maryland conservatives. Having a Republican who sides with Democrats, a Republican who sides with the establishment over taxpayers, and a Republican who makes decisions based on personal animus as opposed to the best interests of his constituents hurts the cause of conservatism. It makes it difficult for conservatives to make the case to swing voters that Republican legislators are an improvement over Democrats when nonsense like this happens.

Once again, Rick Impallaria is doing what only Rick Imapallaria can do. Let’s hope that conservatives in his district coalesce around one candidate in 2022 to elect a Republican we can actually rely on.

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