The Democrats True Colors and True Intentions

Some time ago journalist Michael Kinsley helped created the term “Kinsey gaffe,” which is best defined as “when a politician tells the truth – some obvious truth he isn’t supposed to say.”

Just  take a look at the last few weeks for Maryland Democrats:

This is what the Democrats are all about in 2019. Realistically…

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They’re about the selective enforcement of laws (amusing given the Democrats pearl-clutching when some Maryland sheriffs said that they would not comply with new restrictive laws on gun ownership).

They’re about chilling free speech in an effort to protect themselves from criticism of their political positions.

They’re about eroding the freedoms given to us in the U.S. Constitution.

They’re about targeting people who disagree with them politically for violence and retribution.

They’re about proclaiming the need for diversity while using racist and bigoted language outside the public eye and hoping nobody notices.

They’re about sitting by and doing nothing when the most vulnerable members of our society need protection.

This is the society that Maryland Democrats want to build, one that reminds us of the tinpot dictators that our nation has often stood against. They want to build a society where tolerance is paid lip service, but intolerance is enforced by the government. They want to build a society where certain constitutional rights are outlawed, but certain illegal activities are allowed to thrive. They want to build a society where political violence is not looked upon as a bug of the political system, but as a feature. They want to build a society where diversity is preached but discrimination is practiced. And they want to build a society where the protection of children is the highest priority unless their protection interferes with the right to abort a fully developed child up until the moment of birth.

And that’s the Democrats gaffe. In the past few weeks they’ve managed to let the façade slip a bit and show their true colors to the world. Their true colors show a party that wants to use government to discriminate while working to control you, control your thoughts, control your actions, and control your life. It will be up to voters to say enough is enough.

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