Maryland Democratic Official Crosses the Line

A Maryland Democratic Party official crossed a serious line today in Annapolis.

In a Facebook posting shared by the Mayland Republican Party, Maryland Democratic Party Secretary Robbie Leonard referred to gun owners as “homegrown terrorists” and suggested that the FBI investigates gun owners who attended hearings on gun bills heard in Annapolis today.


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Leonard was elected as State Party Secretary in December after a failed bid for State Senate in District 42.

Leonard’s comments here should be deeply offensive to not just gun owners, but any sense of propriety. These individuals are not people who are committing crimes, they aren’t shooting anybody, and they aren’t threatening anybody.  Sure, one may quibble about the effectiveness of wearing a t-shirt. But these gun owners who came from across the state of Maryland today to testify against anti-gun legislation and who came to discuss responsible gun ownership weren’t hurting anybody. They were merely exercising their First Amendment rights of free speech, they were exercising their right to the redress of grievances by their government, and they were exercising their right to participate in the legislative process.

The people that Robbie Leonard wants to be labeled as terrorists and as people who should be monitored by the FBI haven’t done anything to anybody. They certainly weren’t accusing people of being terrorists like Robbie Leonard was.

To be fair, Robbie Leonard wasn’t the only anti-gun nut saying stupid things online about gun owners today.

It’s comical that Watts, who runs organizations funded by special interest money (including millions from potential Democratic Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg), says that anybody is doing what somebody tells them to do. It’s even more comical when you consider that a lot of those testifying today have their own issues with the NRA. But what’s truly asinine is when Watts says “These aren’t law-abiding gun owners.” To Watts, the fact that these folks are gun enthusiasts who own guns and want to protect their constitutional right to gun ownership is a crime in and of itself. Watts is accusing gun owners of thoughtcrime.

Watts, however irritating and offensive, merely airdrops in from New York every so often. Robbie Leonard though is part of the radical and extreme culture that leads the Maryland Democratic Party, people who believe that the only rights that you and I should be allowed to have are whatever government and by extension Democrats allows us to have. What’s truly offensive is the fact that Robbie Leonard thinks that gun owners are terrorists and are dangers to society, all the while he supports no policies that would actually decrease gun violence and bring the crime rate down.

With these folks, it’s just like I said on yesterday’s episode of The Air Raid: Democrats like Robbie Leonard don’t hate guns, they hate people who own guns.

If Robbie Leonard had any human decency he would apologize for his remarks and resign his post as Maryland Democratic Party Secretary. If he doesn’t resign, the Democrats should throw him out. But we all know that’s not going to happen because Leonard said what most Democratic Party leaders truly believe; he just made the mistake of saying it out loud.

Leonard’s outburst is just another remidner that the Maryland Democratic Party is a radicalized element that is out of touch with most Marylanders….

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