Just How Extreme is NARAL? Now We Know

You would think that a bill allowing prosecutors to bring up murder charges against individuals who murder pregnant women would be a non-controversial bill that a lot of folks would be able to get behind.

You would be wrong.

The Carroll County Times reported on an effort from State Senator Justin Ready and Delegate Trent Kittleman to pass “Reid’s Law,” named after the unborn child of a murder victim in Howard County. Needless to say the very idea of the law got Diana Philip, the Executive Director of radical pro-abortion group NARAL-Pro Choice Maryland, all spun up:

NARAL-Pro Choice Maryland, an abortion rights advocacy organization, opposes the legislation.

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“We believe that this bill establishes that an eight-week fetus is a person,” said Diana Philip, the executive director of NARAL-Pro Choice Maryland. “It threatens the personhood of any living individual capable of child bearing.”….

…NARAL-Pro Choice Maryland thinks this legislation could open the door to pregnant women being charged and convicted of a host of crimes, Philip told the Times. “If there’s a loss of pregnancy, could they arrest somebody?”

Philip added that her organization recognizes that pregnancy is a trigger for domestic violence and supports efforts to curb it. This bill, she said, will not deter people from committing domestic violence against pregnant individuals.

Seriously. They were actually quoted in the paper as saying this stuff.

As much as I and many other Marylanders would like to see the end of abortion in Maryland, this bill is not going to do that at all. The bill is narrowly defined to certain circumstances unrelated to abortion. Read the bill for yourself. And here is the synopsis:

Expanding the application of certain provisions relating to a prosecution for murder or manslaughter of a certain viable fetus to a prosecution for murder or manslaughter of a certain fetus; requiring knowledge that a certain mother was pregnant for a certain murder or manslaughter prosecution; defining “fetus” as an unborn offspring of the species Homo sapiens from the end of the eighth week after fertilization until birth; etc.

You really have to wonder what NARAL-Pro Choice Maryland has against prosecuting violent crimes committed against pregnant women….

…..but you already know why NARAL is gnashing their teeth about this bill. They’re using ridiculous and offensive scare tactics that imply that a woman could be charged with murder for having a miscarriage. NARAL opposes this bill because it would recognize in law something that science already recognizes, as does most Americans; that an unborn child is a person. That recognition basically destroys NARAL’s raison d’etre, which is to promote unfettered access for abortion on demand from conception until birth, in line with the rest of the radicalized Democratic base.

We should also give kudos to Baltimore City Democratic Delegate Regina Boyce for being the only Democrat at present brave enough to sponsor this legislation.

State Senator Mary Beth Carozza nails it: “The fact that other states have moved forward and Maryland takes so much pride in being progressive, this is one area that it’s time for Maryland to step up with the rest of the states and protect Maryland’s pregnant women.” This bill has been passed by such pro-abortion bastions as California, for crying out loud, but NARAL here in Maryland still found a reason to be against this bill.

We should be unafraid to say what NARAL-Pro Choice Maryland’s opposition to this reasonable bill is. It’s science denying, morally bankrupt, anti-woman nonsense. Everybody associated with NARAL here in Maryland should take a step back and ask themselves if this is truly what their organization should be about.

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